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Great Awakening

It has been an amazing time, feeling the energy doing my own work with preparing for book launch getting media folder update website and Linkedlin moving forward having oodles of to do lists how about you? Then all of a sudden feeling anxiety or down right crazy unable to achieve my list talking to other teachers feeling the same. I know without a doubt we are definitely in a transition of this Great Awakening while dealing with dark energies that are beyond unbelievable. Once and a while we will meet folks that think everything is ok but what I tell everyone we must keep the light and love rolling it is our job though tough when folks are nasty. We no longer have rose colored glasses on since the pandemic I have been doling journey’s with chakra’s seeing the importance of being balanced not being in denial as we get information even about ourselves.
   I was in a 3 day great Motivation Breakthrough  with Mar great Lynch Raniere & Bethany plus between 145 to 175 on zoom journeying thought different doors of awareness coming into my own deep realizations understanding how so many of us has gone thrugh so many doors in our lives just moving forward just now beginning to process “We are here to do our good work!” Feeling the confidence of being with others celebrating our successes with our moving forward !

Release the old

After much thought with stranger things happening with folks not following through as intimate relationships people falling into denial or negativity….I was driven to do a sweat making a release of old.

People mentioned childhood trauma I was also guided to burn the old it took a bunch to dig out willows and release old.

I have resubmitted my manuscript they have accepted it now ready for editing. It has been a long process starting in 2015 actually living more life plus adding more about our closing our business that I had not planned to add but understanding after Mom’s passing the trauma, we both experienced at the hands of Wells Fargo. It was an emotional experiences plus having this bimbo I paid $150 to put together plus not paying me for our trip,….finally recently paying me some but not what I spent. It took a bunce to get it ready this shaman story most don’t get including me. Finally got it together with support of friends.

Now in the process of new beginnings I see my process as a turtle moving slowly, have willows getting ready to build lodge and feed the people. Of course, now I am getting a head cold of course, why not.

I am motivated to get my website set up for my book once further along with Suzane’s help!

Starting my new book plus regarding setting boundary’s not to be so co-dependent and used by clients or friend I am including my contract with this plus mutual commitment.

I love what I do working with great clients for years is my work~

May Time, Moving Forward

Good Day,

Connecting with each of you, hoping you are well after this crazy transition, we must start new. What does that mean the jury is out. Some of you I have connected with but we all have strange emotions after all these challenges, being an elder I have never heard such odd responses rather combative rather than me offering support. What has happened to our kindness and general caring for each other? It is a time when our tribe needs to work through conflict to get to the other side depth of intimacy and support. I have learned much through this time a more resilience and understanding of the dynamics of grief and moving on through it. I have had odd happenings myself often not knowing what to think of it all how to respond attempting to go with the flow and be available to the challenges. Originally I was going to plan a gathering in May but of course way too much snow, stay alert will be sending a flyer around. I will hold it in McCloud at Stonebrook. stay tuned!

Also, last summer I had 2 long time clients we did amazing work the whole day starting with a walk just before sunrise in the park, bodywork, a session journey, and going to lower panther to collect water for after our time together from the powerful spring( amazing fresh right from our mountain) ending with a sacred fire at sunset. Powerful intimate deep work not for everyone but love it in gratitude for the opportunity!

Blessings , Linda Held Bright Star Talking Swan

On with the New and Start My New Book

So, I again haven’t written in my blog for no reason just crazy stuff. I offered for clients an open call as needed I am sorry to say it has come to bite me. I had folks be abusive, one telling me how I am burnt off in actually she needed too much as a low price. Another woman told me I got this lousy job because of you then quit for a very low monthly charge which she would usually have at least 2 sessions a week. So, no I am setting stronger boundary’s it has been beyond annoying plus being accused of being burnt out which I love supporting you why I made myself more available as needed, I have learned the hard way that isn’t appreciated by several in 1 week.

So enough of that ………

It has been a challenge with society of our own grief plus my mom’s she is being amazing showing me all the time how she is here to support me in very obvious ways. I have connected with Ichenge lin who lost his partner Ray very suddenly we have been doing podcast The Mountain Called also addressing the medicine wheel and chakra’s. It has been very powerful both experiencing the same grief plus having them show up at the most necessary moments for support plus pushing us out there after experiencing this isolated time with the Pandemic but folks feeling grief to the world not defining it. We can because we both have specific circumstances plus worldwide.

 I again had made the commitment to go back to Peru to put more prayers down but after Mom’s passing it was difficult to even think about it ………..I had a physical symptom of SI joint unable to walk constant pain, and limping so going to hike in Peru would be impossible. I attempted to go to MD’s and massage, chiropractors to no avail I finally found a chiro sport medicine who guided me which I was very thankful but it still took forever to get back. I found I have to walk 3-5 miles to maintain healthy body. 


I had made plans to go to Peru but 12-20, 2021 at 2:22 to change my plans of going to Peru which I did then rescheduled for September costing me another bunch of money. Started advertising in the summer end up getting 6 great folks it was amazing sharing facilitating with long time client who was living there became a challenge she had never done groups before and kept disappearing plus moody. I didn’t realize till I was alone in Cusco I had been with people 24 hours a day for 13 days finally feeling some relief and being able to explore the city center the next day. It too me a month to digest what had gone on a great trip in many ways reconnecting with awesome teachers but I have shared facilitating  with many folks never experiencing anything like this. My last trip I had arrange through Jesus he took care of everything except the last few days which I did. It is really my fault I didn’t aske the right questions assuming in the 4 agreement it was going go smoothly. I really did private sessions almost daily to calm folks down we didn’t have hot water everyone was very kind. I had taken a class in Oct 2021 with Christine Kloser once again, realizing why I had stopped writing my book with the heart ache & trauma of losing my building my guarantied retirement …..which I had to get out of debt. I then being determined to finish this book which I did before this trip done Sept. just needing to have someone help put the chapters together Jennifer said she would gladly do it but didn’t but did finally as I sit in Cusco charging me $150 for supposing 3 hours of work, I was checking with a local guy then instantly I got her email? What would be a very exciting time down was given a dark hue. Not sure why she has such a odd reality? Plus, on this trip odd communication which didn’t make sense. As I write this makes me very sad that another long-time client is acting out not even sure why? 

It took me a whole month to even begin to reflect on what had gone on not with participants but co-facilitator she was often gone and coming back to group very grouchy.  

 Once getting home had a New Moon Fire ceremony with Ichenge lin and Annie at my home, one day after I got a message to go on the mountain to my sacred rock where I received my home in San Carlos it was a Saturday knowing to follow directions. I didn’t even comb my hair when up had realized I need to get water for myself from lower Panther Spring water I had assisted my 2 clients to raise their energy. I am now doing it for myself. Still figuring this current jaunt to Peru and its complexity.  Then the next assignment was to call for a Sweat Lodge which I also had not done for 3 years since the Pandemic, so a plan we set up on a Thursday to start prayers early for the world and people with tobacco. Asking a very small group to honor the memorial of my Mom, Ray, another Ray, Amy people we knew of plus Philip Goggin who’s grandad lived in my house finding out by his sister just the day before I had met him just a few months before had dropped dead at 52………of course deaths from pandemic and Ukraine, I also made it clear we needed optimistic new beginnings! I had made special food in celebration but waking the morning of the lodge I was having trouble understanding we were really doing this but once I started the fire It felt positive happening. Everyone was very glad to be here for this ceremony finally~

  Plus, very exciting to be working on publishing my book build new clients plus get funding for Copusia easily, it is really done 44,000 words. Now starting my second book with great people speaking advertising which I love doing~

Getting updated to the NOW!

Finally getting to this after a crazy year……….as of March 12 ,2020 Getting updated to the NOW!

I bought a new car used with low milage for my travels to the bay area & Portland by March 13 began to realize the world was changing. The car was in Vacaville tried to get out of it all but I did need a car since I had sold mine. They delivered it a month later since everything was in quartine. I had been at the college for Cross Fit 3 times a week spin at the 3-4 times a year to New Renaissance Book store to teach in Portland, plus in a writing class Thursday evening with Ana Ramana. I also do Sweat Lodge for 12 +groups in the summer 8 from Japan, plus taking people out on adventures on the mountain or Ney Springs with this all stopping only doing session on the phone or zoom understanding the danger of it all requiring safety. I even would go for my run/walk my MD friend says wear a mask because unknown time of droplets so I did but would get accosted yelled at how stupid it was I stopped going during the day only going right about sunrise to avoid those nuts. Our spiritual are have oodles of conspiracy & hoax people refusing to wear mask or social distance even very surprise as to those so called spiritual leaders. They continued to take people in groups often I would respond they have an ego that people are safe but the arrogance mad me change my mind or not let those folks in my home. I handed out gloves and masks they I would see them on the street not wearing them. Today there is a guy a year later still being indignant I will not have him around, another I cut his hair at his home my medical professional told them to wear masks if they don’t ,don’t do their hair. The last time he proceeds to yell how he didn’t believe in masks or won’t have a fucking vaccine, if you want you can leave so I did he was yelling at the top of his ling after a relationship of 10 years but his current gal friend is the conspiracy & hoax part.

So here we are 2-23-2021 vaccines, I have been paying on my car for a year. Everyone is having a terrible time after a year of this, people definitely are showing their true colors and my message is to don’t take it personally I have been saying this for the whole year. I get calls of I am depressed, pissed off, lonely, on and on. Mostly folks who are older are having a particular tough time. It is almost too tough to write about some are driven by ego this is why I haven’t written the old adage if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything. I do think we have changed so much the jury is still out this going inward I am sure has had many benefits. I started many projects finally working on my long-time coming stain glass that now is at a stands ill started before opening our store. I did 2 paintings very different from anything I have ever done, made a scarf, having trouble reading had 2 eye surgeries, thought if I got audible, I would listen not been watching the news till past Jans.6. I am learning Spanish from Babbel so when I go back to Peru I can speak it but I have to do it……. not? Interesting the friends who I am staying in touch with Amber, Delancy, Vilma, Jesus, Raffaella, Daya, being ready to go with a small group hopefully. After January 6, 2021 our whole idea of government has changed President Biden jumped into a mess, plus pandemic, all ranges of government a mess, including ERA, plus Black Lives really do matter after all these years.

Early on I started burning candles for all that is going on I was awoken at 11pm to go check out the store I use buy candles at in San Mateo thrilled they are still going I ordered a case and having burning along with prayers through this tumorous year. The owner was on the phone their business is down Catholic Episcopalian Churches, other who buy supplies are unable no gathering till maybe this week a year later. I am on my 34d case from Mc Coy . I also had a mesa or altar set up the whole time plus preparing for a Vision Quest with 707 prayer ties these were for the world my friend Marlowe and were going to go however with the bunch of folks on the mountain it didn’t feel right too much wild energy we will go this year I also am doing another bundle of prayer ties for me personally which is much needed.

I gave my clients a break in April saying they could contact me as much as needed, texting usually I have 2 session’s a month however with this pandemic I wanted to be available for them as needed. I also set up a prayer circle with 2 we started in ‘august and are continuing very powerful and intima. I asked several folks but they either couldn’t follow through or didn’t understand the intimate energy that is require it is only 1 hr but very powerful very odd that more didn’t take me up like I said very intimate and free~ Yahoo~

After writing this I am in a group with with Vilma from Peru 18 wonderful women one woman wants to come visit I don’t think they realize how tough it has been for those medicine people who are regarding respect and no ceremony or meeting in person with those folks we either hardly know or don’t have any relationship with it is actually very tough and sad but I still don’t feel comfortable even though I have had the vaccine till we are out of the woods with this awful pandemic. I am going to postpose my gathering on Beltane it is still to early to call for Sweat Lodge and group energy.

Fly like a condor


The Pandemic

Before the pandemic I was working at Shasta View 5 hours a week doing hair for 5 hours but more importantly listening to my clients in much need of a different communication then the regular caregivers in the home. It was tremendously fulfilling for me and for them. Then by March 16 no longer available. The week before I sold my Yaris vehicle 3-11, then on 3-12 Mom and I drove to Vacaville to see a Mazda with low mileage, arriving an actual welcoming friendly face a sign in the car with my name. I haven’t bought a car since 2008 I have spent a year thinking about it, not really wanting payments. I drove it beautiful well thought about the car, Tiffany salesperson a real sweetheart, getting funding in the excitement there were a few things I should have more careful but so enthused to move forward. We now could not bring it home we were in Mom’s car not wanting her to drive from Vacaville. A great experience however by the time coming home realizing the state of affairs listening to NPR oh my I have now payments, then Friday, March 13 the reality is setting in……..thinking oh my so silly to take on more debt. The next week I got my client attorney to help me possibly cancel however taking another hit on my credit oh my….well the long and short John said I needed a car which was the truest which actually later turned out to be an actual necessity. So I was still on the dealership was closed and would deliver the car once it opened which was April 4 a very nice fellow with a follower car, we bought sandwiches for them. Today I still don’t know how to connect the phone and other things needing to go to Mazda to get information on various information.

    I had been going to CrossFit at the college and spin at the Wellness Center at least 3 times a week on 3-16 everything stopped we are now needing to stay home, only doing our big shopping to Redding every other week on Thursdays during Senior hours. It was a complete slam plus Mom was doing a senior workout at the same gym helping her balance and basic wellness. I was still in the crazy of not sure about the car basic depression and challenging emotions. I am not alone my clients found it necessary to call often just to feel ok, my job as a coach I feel being available is my job. I no longer require the 2 times a month it was a free fall from the beginning > Mom was worried she would lose her job but actually the owner definitely want her to continue to answer the phone and keep the store closed doing her shipping. Within 1 day everyone’s lives had changed, now I have a car to go to the bay area & Portland that I no longer can go unsure as to when I can again? New Renaissance completely closed wanting us to possibly do a zoom or online class however with my support of my clients and my Mom that was too much in this time of uncertainty. I did donate a small amount of money also offering doing reading giving them a percentage for their store, but no takers darn it.

   So life moves on I started run/walking to the Head Water having a relationship with it since 1979, flash memories of all the happening through the years, group, clients that I have taken there. It was a great workout plus jumping rope as Mom walked.

  Also receiving notice that with the Pandemic Stewart Springs Mineral bath will definitely not re-open due to restriction for what they have to do to be sanitized correctly another sad thing, doing the ceremony, taking my kids there for New Years for celebration, massages ……..on & On.

  Stores closed in Mt Shasta, the ones who decided to be open a barrage of negative slander from these so-called spiritual people, not really understanding the challenge of having a business plus a spiritual business, boy we are really glad we don’t have Mt Shasta Herb and Health which we closed in 2013. We had a salon Townhouse that we need to raise our rent for independent contractors maybe $25-$50 a month our so-called friends said ” No.” So we closed rather abruptly in 1996 then going to Scotland to visit my son Zachary who was an exchange student. People have no idea of the responsibility of owning a business. Our grocery store Mt Shasta Super being in complicated immediately required their worker to wear masks and gloves, much to the criticism that is was needed we are now 6-12 still many people in this so-called Spiritual Community refuse to think this virus is still a hoax. I really have seen the real folks who are not really understanding or care of the scientific, medical information. I see the change in our spiritual community is the more reality informed intellectual scientific, that is our next real push in the more advanced teacher if they don’t have that no need to follow them, One well-known guy, wears a mask to show people how to advance then when not making a statement no mask, not really thinking he will be found out. My Mom who is 91 puts her mask on leaving the house, I do too even during my walk/run realizing that the contamination stays in the air at least 3 hours, so if I run through after I am at risk. I being from a medical family I understand the significance of it all making a point to be very informed watching professors from Stanford, Harvard, and various Medical colleges I think they know something.

  My son Zachary and his wife heard from San Mateo County Dental on 3-16 to close their office, which they have a staff of 15 plus buying their building, on & on……..This is a couple who have their life planned they thought. Usually, their plans include a great summer vacation with their 2 children, now they are at home teachers, plus having the same challenges of shopping. After things settled down, they finished household long-awaited projects, they donated time at a Nursing home. They donate time going to places out of the country to do dental, Cambodia, Africa and a trip planned this year to take my grand-daughter, not happening. They also give free dental to their county, plus set up at San Mateo fairgrounds for free dental. So showing up during these times at a Nursing Home preparing for what they will have wear for re-opening their office, plus understanding the loneliness of these folks which I had talked to them about my experience I miss so much. Finally opened their office having so many restrictions, plus wearing gear for 5 hours no drinking or bathroom, plus taking temps…taking all magazines our, kids table, one patient at a time, plastic separation, air system this is not a walk in the park but they are relieved to be back caring for their patients.

  So many people have had challenges by the obvious 3-16, but those of my tribe that are tremendously spiritual psychic had early myself 3-12, my wood guy Kirk had a stroke and heartache 3-11 still having difficulty with brain function and talking. Kirk is no saint he has had high blood pressure, diabetes, and still eats pie and drinks…….one of the main conversations before the stroke. He has given me wood for years asking only for prayers for himself and his son Josh. He is also an art dealer with 100-year original native prints which I have helped him catalog them. He now reevaluating his life. I just this week went over to help him with a tree down, watching this robust man experience fatigue but still attempting to regain his strength. I will continue to go over to help him but still wearing my mask, even if he doesn’t care I do we both being high risks.

  What is even more interesting folks are pushing to come to Mount Shasta thinking they are safe because of the history of this spiritual place. I watch people being in digitate about they are above it all no need to wear it being a hoax by the government. My family is medical plus many of my friends are either MD’s or other medical jobs. I am really perplexed about how driven they are to keep the nonreality of what is going on.

  I have been asked even in the early days of clients or folks wanting to do the ceremony, I am often speechless when I hear or see the text feeling almost their excitement of coming having me lead something. I of course first don’t answer then carefully answer to there is no way to do social distancing. My friend Jack Thom/Walking Eagle and I started at approximately the same time his daughter yesterday wrote a long FB message asking to not keep pressing her Dad about the leading ceremony, yes it is upsetting when people are so clueless when so many souls have left earth from this virus we are in the trenches of the spiritual feeling of those souls being over there pretty disoriented leaving so suddenly rather like a car crash but it is a virus that is deadly. So even expecting to do what use to be normal last summer is out of the possibilities. I lead 10+ groups but this year unless there is a huge change, I am not available like Jack’s daughter said our job is to pray for all these issues also not the prejudices that the riot defined the necessary for equality and safety. So this adds to us maybe understanding our new role in this huge awakening however the jury is still out for our next steps.

After coming from Peru in Dec. 19 I knew there was huge grief I was experiencing not really understanding the depth of it. I attempted to have a New Year gathering several times for one reason or another having to cancel but then as March go into this it all made more sense. While I was in the Temple of the Moon with Vilma P’s I talked to her about my grief as I laid on the ground, feeling it was for the world she agreed, it wasn’t  till the end of April beginning of June I began to grasp it. I felt like I had been at a very sad funeral not really understanding who’s however now realizing the amount of souls that have left this earth it is by no accident. I have been a medium all of my life so these folks I don’t know but I feel their confusion and pain just arriving crossing the rainbow bridge still getting settled…………So there is no accident for my ceremonial leaders need to pray and digest this huge wake-up call for humanity to continue to speak with a spirit taking life slow praying……….

Rising after another Peru trip

Blog after Peru and Quarantine

I haven’t written since before my trip to Peru it turned out to be amazing however my 6 people who were planning to come along each had a different very good reason but plan to come another time. I was making my bed seeing my gal Amber Balk coming I called her been involved with her first Vision Quest 2006 before she became PHD therapist she said she is definitely in. So we planning to leave 12-2 meeting up in LA part of the flight I got to the airport in good timing but what happened blew my miss organized away knowing it part of my challenge of sticking to my shaman challenge. I was being booked in luggage handed my passport she looked puzzled what I had was my old passport, I almost threw up. Trying to figure my next step had to get back to my car before put in parking area, get on the road to get my passport plus figure out a flight. I called Amber she was ok I was on the phone with airline as I drove in 5 pm traffic of the bay area, had to be charged for a complete flight at the same time the next day. I felt ill the whole way but knowing I had to get there. Arriving at 10:30  Mt Shasta, already organized for leaving left made it back  Connections made easy even though still feeling perplex on this journey, arriving in Cusco taxi waiting with Amber noonish off to Nadi Washi stopping off at refuge place being greeted by condors to Peru and Alpaca’s already a huge journey haven’t even made it to retreat center.

Being ready feeling ok with altitude sipping on coco leaves getting ready to leave for Lake Titicaca taxi bus, to the lake an amazing trip not realizing the height of the altitude 13,000 an amazing place knowing the crystals under the lake feeling the vibration everywhere. Welcomed by our guide Jesus and Daya beginning a knock out a trip that at some point I will go through more details.

The end of the trip we where in Cusco with Vilma P going to various spiritual places listening to her teachings, last day going to The Temple of Moon, another knock out energy place…….laying on the ground I asked her about the grief I was feeling plus has a cough through most of the trip, feeling this was all about the tremendous grief of the world she agreed. Little did I know what was to come upon returning what the world was going through.

We arrived as planned our flight home was canceled back to our great hotel in Cusco, we spent the day resting and going to a museum taking it easy back to the airport ………after leaving Amber not really connect each going our own way, such a gift she was so intelligent & independent thank goodness any of this could have bothered anyone else.

So then the upon Xmas with cough not really available to go to the MD   till 1-8,2020 still having such profound deep grief little did I know what was in store for the world.

        I was still in a deep process to write about my process only connecting with my clients really hoping to write up a new advertisement for new clients or offering but really just present attempting to figure what is going on? I called New Renaissance Book store in Portland to set up teaching some how feeling it wasn’t going to happen but getting flyers made going through the motions. Still not reaching out for new clients feeling that same old grief wondering what in the heck is going on. I was suppose to have Shasta Sweat Group over for intentions for the New Year each time we set up a Sunday for our gathering that too didn’t happen, by March it was a wash on all of it March 13, 2020 everything changed for me actual date of quarantine 3-16 but I felt the surge of it earlier beginning to understand the grief however now it was more then over whelming. I was able to do follow throughs that were necessary some I was not able to do others are still waiting. Now we are beginning to see a world wide departure of souls leaving no-one is talking about the sudden grief those folks finding themselves on the other side instantly.

So today May 18, 2020, is way down the line 2 months later still not making that advertising offer for sessions it is taking everything to get through the day follow astrology handling my clients calls plus for updates in how they need support. I again am very selective as to who I listen to, and who I talk with. So many so-called yahoo’s turn me off once they start speaking in spiritual mumbo jumbo……this is a scientific truth calling virus…..these so-called no mask, no vaccines forget how it was with Polio. Last night on MSNBC the MD for the Polio vaccine talked about how difficult it was to achieve comparing this to that & HIV those are the folks I listen to. I think our future Spiritual community will be based on facts, science, the truth that is traceable not to say there are not exceptional visitations and pre-normal happenings. We are living in a new time that is really powerful we have been asked to be here for this those souls who have left have offered their lives for the huge change that is upon us not to diminish the enormous grief we are all experiencing which will go on till the awakening has been achieved but not in short term time. So as we move forward I want to participate more in this blog sharing encouragement and some peace.

After Peru Welcome Home

So, Linda here Bright Star Talking Swan after my trip I walked in the door 12-14, 2018 and so did my Mom 89 with pneumonia an interesting fairly painful way to process my trip with also the Holidays today is 3-25, 2019 it is the first time I feel I can be transparent about it all to tell the actual story. Mom had a nebulizer for 4 times a day to breathe plus generally feeling lousy. Me getting back connecting with clients, getting house stuff caught up….while  some clients I stayed in touch with by email in Peru, they had no idea of how much shaman stuff I was busy doing plus walking miles a day, still glad to support their process but also tough. I had my son Zac and my friend Susan who handled the home front with Mom in and out of the hospital 3 times, both supporting my journey understand it was a necessary process even though very last minute unexpected even to myself. Arriving home to have Jennifer Whitherspoon (in Peru) continue our process with Munay-ki Rites though we were so busy there ran out of time doing it on Zoom understanding the importance of learning about them in Diane’s Dunn” Cusco The Munay-Ki Rites” an added responsibility that is now my job to pass on as aid in these times helping with the awakening we are upon. Then preparing Xmas unable to go to the bay area with Mom still struggling. Spent January settling in also appreciating all that care givers a necessary family responsibility I am able to do. Another past of my experiences learning how to do service in a very different way at a later age. I remember in our salon how people would talk about when they were the care-giver to very independent woman like my Mom how important to maintain their dignity and fight for the independence even in the most drastic of cases. I am glad to say Mom still could go to her job to support her friend evidentially able to go to the treadmill every other day which aided in her strength and breathing. Few people have what a challenge it is or how tireless job it can be. Many are uninterested but I am grateful for those who support me. Mom will be 90 on April 10, still wanting to do more support Sweat Lodge, going to Ashland Conscious Living Faire April 27 an all-day affair, talking about her tinctures.

  Each 2 wks working on Munay—ki 9 steps now planning another trip to Peru 8-3 till 8-15, 2019, which kept changing due to people coming for me from China, Japan, Argentina for ceremonial sweat lodge after their stay here in Mt Shasta an honor also fun.

Also going to New Renaissance April 13 for talk and reading in the afternoon, also on June 22.

 Went on a writing retreat with Ana     with great women. Plus having a small book done with all of our poems, these women act on it looking forward to doing more, having the right woman manifesting easily with great support.

So keep the energy moving with understanding this political energy and astrological understanding we have not been here before we must strive to make that difference keeping the magic and positive force in us as warriors (feminine) It is effecting everything the great exorcism  bringing out all the negativity that was hidden and now is present to show us the clearing that is needed on such a depth that we had no idea.  Some clients moving on unwilling to move forward I am up for the challenges with those that commit pushing through our own limitation clear clean. It was so clear in Peru at one of the altars the amount of determination needed during these times, plus balance to make change happen. In 1991 I did my first Vision Quest I was wandering around the Marble Mountains in 100-degree weather Laying on the ground exhausted having a clear vision of these huge beings (Star) in colorful blankets placing a large crystal in my solar plex me adjusting to the new energy. After Charlie Thom came to get me telling my Quest was done going right into the Sweat Lodge. Here in Peru at Mache Picchu on this high area laying on the ground having the same vision once again realizing this is why I am here, I heard the call I answered it. Now knowing the importance of going again. Coming back to Mt Shasta watching my grand-kids toboggin feeling the Star People contact me again on this sunny day while the kids play showing the importance of this work.

This is not a sprint we are spiritually running a marathon there is no quitting it is a chess game we said before arriving here (this human life) we said we would have a certain life with certain experience (lessons) still we are here to make a difference, we said we would. “Buck UP” use our voices for change.

Also, I want to add I have some long term clients who are completing I am looking at getting new coaching clients who are leaders willing to commit to make necessary changes in your life and being a mover in others. I am adding a calendar since I am on a drive to attract new clients, I am offering a free 20 minute get acquainted session, but looking at a strong long term minimum of 6 month commitment. I use to do 3 months however that only get you into movement I want to be the support of not relieving the stuck or pain but support you in pivotal changes, let’s have fun doing it. Jennifer Whiteraspoon is a client of mine for 5 + years who helped me with my website that has completed our relationship, being gone from Peru. Planning this trip to Peru now Myrna will help me vacillates Munay-ki and other healing modalities is a gift that we continue to move in being that energy that promotes change and leadership.

Pictures of Mom’s 90 with our family moving forward no matter what~