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Eclipse Full Moon January 31, 2018

So how has your year felt like it started? Do you feel yahoo another New beginning or what is this all about? I feel that way though I think it could be life changing it feels like a tight strangling girdle, like what the heck is going on? I still feel the main grounding focus is to attempt be happy no matter what crazy is rocking it………Let’s create a world of Ease, Fun(Joy), and Unstoppable determination to achieve our destiny. Like this video I had planned to send it around to clients but of course it wouldn’t download, except for on Facebook and here. I had several fraud problems to the point of closing accounts being hacked having the hackers call me Peter & Stella, only to find out the Security Company I have that I thought they work for didn’t. I definitely have a new beginning I had no plans to do calling various and changing payments methods of course I don’t have new checks or ATM yet…….So what is my point well this beginning of the year is very different then expected but we still have to keep our focus and clarity. Our teams are building our Shaman Spiritual Practice is growing, the woman’s movement, so much reminds me of the Vietnam march I did in San Francisco. Planning to do the Women’s march here in Mt Shasta after last year, so much more powerful many more men feeling something is being birthed it will survive better and stronger then ever.  Come be with me as a Spiritual Teacher Elder the time is NOW!