Monthly Archives: April 2024

Great Awakening

It has been an amazing time, feeling the energy doing my own work with preparing for book launch getting media folder update website and Linkedlin moving forward having oodles of to do lists how about you? Then all of a sudden feeling anxiety or down right crazy unable to achieve my list talking to other teachers feeling the same. I know without a doubt we are definitely in a transition of this Great Awakening while dealing with dark energies that are beyond unbelievable. Once and a while we will meet folks that think everything is ok but what I tell everyone we must keep the light and love rolling it is our job though tough when folks are nasty. We no longer have rose colored glasses on since the pandemic I have been doling journey’s with chakra’s seeing the importance of being balanced not being in denial as we get information even about ourselves.
   I was in a 3 day great Motivation Breakthrough  with Mar great Lynch Raniere & Bethany plus between 145 to 175 on zoom journeying thought different doors of awareness coming into my own deep realizations understanding how so many of us has gone thrugh so many doors in our lives just moving forward just now beginning to process “We are here to do our good work!” Feeling the confidence of being with others celebrating our successes with our moving forward !