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Fly like a condor


The Pandemic

Before the pandemic I was working at Shasta View 5 hours a week doing hair for 5 hours but more importantly listening to my clients in much need of a different communication then the regular caregivers in the home. It was tremendously fulfilling for me and for them. Then by March 16 no longer available. The week before I sold my Yaris vehicle 3-11, then on 3-12 Mom and I drove to Vacaville to see a Mazda with low mileage, arriving an actual welcoming friendly face a sign in the car with my name. I haven’t bought a car since 2008 I have spent a year thinking about it, not really wanting payments. I drove it beautiful well thought about the car, Tiffany salesperson a real sweetheart, getting funding in the excitement there were a few things I should have more careful but so enthused to move forward. We now could not bring it home we were in Mom’s car not wanting her to drive from Vacaville. A great experience however by the time coming home realizing the state of affairs listening to NPR oh my I have now payments, then Friday, March 13 the reality is setting in……..thinking oh my so silly to take on more debt. The next week I got my client attorney to help me possibly cancel however taking another hit on my credit oh my….well the long and short John said I needed a car which was the truest which actually later turned out to be an actual necessity. So I was still on the dealership was closed and would deliver the car once it opened which was April 4 a very nice fellow with a follower car, we bought sandwiches for them. Today I still don’t know how to connect the phone and other things needing to go to Mazda to get information on various information.

    I had been going to CrossFit at the college and spin at the Wellness Center at least 3 times a week on 3-16 everything stopped we are now needing to stay home, only doing our big shopping to Redding every other week on Thursdays during Senior hours. It was a complete slam plus Mom was doing a senior workout at the same gym helping her balance and basic wellness. I was still in the crazy of not sure about the car basic depression and challenging emotions. I am not alone my clients found it necessary to call often just to feel ok, my job as a coach I feel being available is my job. I no longer require the 2 times a month it was a free fall from the beginning > Mom was worried she would lose her job but actually the owner definitely want her to continue to answer the phone and keep the store closed doing her shipping. Within 1 day everyone’s lives had changed, now I have a car to go to the bay area & Portland that I no longer can go unsure as to when I can again? New Renaissance completely closed wanting us to possibly do a zoom or online class however with my support of my clients and my Mom that was too much in this time of uncertainty. I did donate a small amount of money also offering doing reading giving them a percentage for their store, but no takers darn it.

   So life moves on I started run/walking to the Head Water having a relationship with it since 1979, flash memories of all the happening through the years, group, clients that I have taken there. It was a great workout plus jumping rope as Mom walked.

  Also receiving notice that with the Pandemic Stewart Springs Mineral bath will definitely not re-open due to restriction for what they have to do to be sanitized correctly another sad thing, doing the ceremony, taking my kids there for New Years for celebration, massages ……..on & On.

  Stores closed in Mt Shasta, the ones who decided to be open a barrage of negative slander from these so-called spiritual people, not really understanding the challenge of having a business plus a spiritual business, boy we are really glad we don’t have Mt Shasta Herb and Health which we closed in 2013. We had a salon Townhouse that we need to raise our rent for independent contractors maybe $25-$50 a month our so-called friends said ” No.” So we closed rather abruptly in 1996 then going to Scotland to visit my son Zachary who was an exchange student. People have no idea of the responsibility of owning a business. Our grocery store Mt Shasta Super being in complicated immediately required their worker to wear masks and gloves, much to the criticism that is was needed we are now 6-12 still many people in this so-called Spiritual Community refuse to think this virus is still a hoax. I really have seen the real folks who are not really understanding or care of the scientific, medical information. I see the change in our spiritual community is the more reality informed intellectual scientific, that is our next real push in the more advanced teacher if they don’t have that no need to follow them, One well-known guy, wears a mask to show people how to advance then when not making a statement no mask, not really thinking he will be found out. My Mom who is 91 puts her mask on leaving the house, I do too even during my walk/run realizing that the contamination stays in the air at least 3 hours, so if I run through after I am at risk. I being from a medical family I understand the significance of it all making a point to be very informed watching professors from Stanford, Harvard, and various Medical colleges I think they know something.

  My son Zachary and his wife heard from San Mateo County Dental on 3-16 to close their office, which they have a staff of 15 plus buying their building, on & on……..This is a couple who have their life planned they thought. Usually, their plans include a great summer vacation with their 2 children, now they are at home teachers, plus having the same challenges of shopping. After things settled down, they finished household long-awaited projects, they donated time at a Nursing home. They donate time going to places out of the country to do dental, Cambodia, Africa and a trip planned this year to take my grand-daughter, not happening. They also give free dental to their county, plus set up at San Mateo fairgrounds for free dental. So showing up during these times at a Nursing Home preparing for what they will have wear for re-opening their office, plus understanding the loneliness of these folks which I had talked to them about my experience I miss so much. Finally opened their office having so many restrictions, plus wearing gear for 5 hours no drinking or bathroom, plus taking temps…taking all magazines our, kids table, one patient at a time, plastic separation, air system this is not a walk in the park but they are relieved to be back caring for their patients.

  So many people have had challenges by the obvious 3-16, but those of my tribe that are tremendously spiritual psychic had early myself 3-12, my wood guy Kirk had a stroke and heartache 3-11 still having difficulty with brain function and talking. Kirk is no saint he has had high blood pressure, diabetes, and still eats pie and drinks…….one of the main conversations before the stroke. He has given me wood for years asking only for prayers for himself and his son Josh. He is also an art dealer with 100-year original native prints which I have helped him catalog them. He now reevaluating his life. I just this week went over to help him with a tree down, watching this robust man experience fatigue but still attempting to regain his strength. I will continue to go over to help him but still wearing my mask, even if he doesn’t care I do we both being high risks.

  What is even more interesting folks are pushing to come to Mount Shasta thinking they are safe because of the history of this spiritual place. I watch people being in digitate about they are above it all no need to wear it being a hoax by the government. My family is medical plus many of my friends are either MD’s or other medical jobs. I am really perplexed about how driven they are to keep the nonreality of what is going on.

  I have been asked even in the early days of clients or folks wanting to do the ceremony, I am often speechless when I hear or see the text feeling almost their excitement of coming having me lead something. I of course first don’t answer then carefully answer to there is no way to do social distancing. My friend Jack Thom/Walking Eagle and I started at approximately the same time his daughter yesterday wrote a long FB message asking to not keep pressing her Dad about the leading ceremony, yes it is upsetting when people are so clueless when so many souls have left earth from this virus we are in the trenches of the spiritual feeling of those souls being over there pretty disoriented leaving so suddenly rather like a car crash but it is a virus that is deadly. So even expecting to do what use to be normal last summer is out of the possibilities. I lead 10+ groups but this year unless there is a huge change, I am not available like Jack’s daughter said our job is to pray for all these issues also not the prejudices that the riot defined the necessary for equality and safety. So this adds to us maybe understanding our new role in this huge awakening however the jury is still out for our next steps.

After coming from Peru in Dec. 19 I knew there was huge grief I was experiencing not really understanding the depth of it. I attempted to have a New Year gathering several times for one reason or another having to cancel but then as March go into this it all made more sense. While I was in the Temple of the Moon with Vilma P’s I talked to her about my grief as I laid on the ground, feeling it was for the world she agreed, it wasn’t  till the end of April beginning of June I began to grasp it. I felt like I had been at a very sad funeral not really understanding who’s however now realizing the amount of souls that have left this earth it is by no accident. I have been a medium all of my life so these folks I don’t know but I feel their confusion and pain just arriving crossing the rainbow bridge still getting settled…………So there is no accident for my ceremonial leaders need to pray and digest this huge wake-up call for humanity to continue to speak with a spirit taking life slow praying……….