“Over the past 25 year I have worked with Linda to deal with grief issues, navigate a career change, and face the challenges of parenting  my teen children as they transition into the college years.   Linda has especially helped me with the many challenges that come with being a single parent.   Linda is an exceptional listener and her wisdom and experience have been a huge source of support for me.  I have just started a new job after twenty-one years of being a full-time homemaker.   It has taken years of hard work and Linda’s support has been absolutely instrumental in helping me to find the courage and inner strength to start this exciting new chapter in my life.   Linda’s multiple approaches to counseling include spiritual healing, traditional counseling, excellent listening skills and wisdom.  Her willingness to share her own struggles has been especially helpful to me.   I give Linda my absolute highest endorsement”.
–Suzanne Rogers

“Linda Held hosted a wildness quest that I participated [a few years back] and I am still reaping the magic of this quest. I knew that moment that I handed Linda my tobacco offering, I was in for a treat. Linda attracted a beautiful group of questers and supporters and held the container that made for a powerful quest. We were well prepared and nourished with her sweet prayers while we on the hill and we have kept in contact after to examine the impact as life has unfolded from that time.  Thank you, Linda for all you bring. You are an amazing healer and friend.”
–Bob Aldrich.

“I have known and worked with Linda since 2007. The week of Summer Solstice 2007 I participated in a Vision Quest facilitated by Linda, and it has turned out to be one of the most powerfully healing ceremonies I’ve ever experienced. Even years later, it continues to work its way through and unfold in my life. Additionally, I have attended Linda’s women’s workshops, which were also profoundly healing and nurturing. I love visiting Mt. Shasta, which has become a spiritual home for me, and Linda’s nourishing spiritual companionship has been an integral part of that development”.

“I would also like to add that Linda does a great job of creating safe space for sweat lodge ceremony, and I trust her ability to conduct them safely and powerfully. Learning and growing with Linda has been a gift. I consider her a spiritual sister and am incredibly grateful for our ongoing, ever-changing relationship. It is always clear that she truly cares for her clients and does the best she can to show up, giving her all for whatever is needed in an individual, loving way. She always listens with an open heart and a very keen, intuitive mind. I highly recommend her services”.
–Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

“Linda Held is a gentle but powerful spirit woman walking in the Earth medicine ways. She is an excellent guide as her knowledge is vast and her connections are bountiful. Whether it is sweat lodge, vision quest, or spiritual coaching you are seeking, I recommend Linda as a guide for you”. Aho!
–Drake Bear Stephen, author of Soul Sex: The Alchemy of Gender & Sexuality

“Linda has provided so much professional, emotional and spiritual guidance to me. She has coached me around exercise, diet and living with a sober lifestyle. I find her insights to be invaluable. She is the one to get me off the couch and to the gym or taking a walk and run with her! She is supportive about developing my career and taking it to the next level. I find Linda to be an invaluable part of my team!”
–Jennifer Witherspoon, Sage Consulting, LLC

I have been in Linda’s coaching program since 2015, and made a commitment till January 2019. In 2015, my mom passed away, I was overwhelmed with 40  hour work week, 1 hour commute, home-ownership, marriage, and first child being born. I was depressed overwhelmed dis-empowered and was neglecting myself and blaming others rather then looking within.

Since joining Linda, it’s been an awesome empowering experience have been breaking physiological barriers that prevented me from moving forward in so many areas in my life.  As human beings in this crazy modern world we can have so many things going on within that we can’t move past to succeed in our goals that to be the person you need to be in this lifetime.  So before I meant Linda I had many things I wanted to do marathon running, learning guitar, career change, exercise, connecting to my daughter consistently without being emotionally bog down to the point I was paralyzed.Life coaching is about taking your personal power back and investing money into getting help to improve self and push past all the barriers in life that we are in denial about in our busy modern world lifestyle.  We need more life coach such as Linda in our lives.

My name is Ali, associate scientist

What I love most of all is Linda’s ability to hold the energies.  I’ve now been with Linda for 15 years.  The life lessons that you address when living in Mount Shasta are accelerated. It is a true initiation.  I would never have gotten through many of them without Linda. I love doing guided meditation/visualizations with Linda.  With Linda helping me to enter a higher consciousness through her holding of energies I was able to go to places and get all the answers that I needed.   Some days I just don’t know where the answers were coming from but they were so clear as to how to approach issues . She has never led me wrong.  Linda’s shamanic approach is something you just don’t see.  The sweats I have done with her were magical.   Just hiking with Linda I have been able to sort things out so that by the end of the hike I am a new person.   I feel blessed to have found Linda!

Susan Holtzclaw: Medical Technician