May Time, Moving Forward

Good Day,

Connecting with each of you, hoping you are well after this crazy transition, we must start new. What does that mean the jury is out. Some of you I have connected with but we all have strange emotions after all these challenges, being an elder I have never heard such odd responses rather combative rather than me offering support. What has happened to our kindness and general caring for each other? It is a time when our tribe needs to work through conflict to get to the other side depth of intimacy and support. I have learned much through this time a more resilience and understanding of the dynamics of grief and moving on through it. I have had odd happenings myself often not knowing what to think of it all how to respond attempting to go with the flow and be available to the challenges. Originally I was going to plan a gathering in May but of course way too much snow, stay alert will be sending a flyer around. I will hold it in McCloud at Stonebrook. stay tuned!

Also, last summer I had 2 long time clients we did amazing work the whole day starting with a walk just before sunrise in the park, bodywork, a session journey, and going to lower panther to collect water for after our time together from the powerful spring( amazing fresh right from our mountain) ending with a sacred fire at sunset. Powerful intimate deep work not for everyone but love it in gratitude for the opportunity!

Blessings , Linda Held Bright Star Talking Swan