Monthly Archives: September 2016

Moving into Kusrutam the month of October!

So almost 20 yrs ago is the first I heard of the importance of this, a powerful time. I usually find to be in gratitude about all that has happened in 2016, addressing even those things that haven’t been as powerful or things that didn’t work out.  It is important to be realistic and honest which helps in the manifesting process for the coming year not to re-do those things that weren’t in our best interest. Then the next part is putting down medicine(sage, flowers, candles, ceremony) what is it that you want to create for 2017. I will be doing a family & friend Sweat Lodge taking all this into prayers. I have a wonderful core group that we can be really honest and sincere about our progress in this spiritual world. I have been doing my work since 1975 so I have experienced the twists and turns of the challenges of our being responsible for our continued growth. Yes it is never done including being on the other side heaven does exists however we still have more to do. Being a medium since I was 13 when my girlfriend Jeannie Stone came to me after her passing, from leukemia. I didn’t tell anyone about it till I was 45 because in the old days I would have been on medication if i told how spirits or angels talked to me. So once I started working with people on a more intimate level I feel in deep gratitude. Eve Crane who was on KEST radio wanted me to have my own show, what she appreciated about me was how accessible I am, that has been a gift to my clients. However this week I have had a weird one 3 different clients/friends informed me either they are annoyed thinking we are friends not client, another has now graduated to friend is no longer doing session we have the impasse by his standard we are friends so he no-longer needs to pay me. He want to call at his convenience to chat. I also talked to a client that made major changes a rather long phone call wanting to approach let’s do more however with the we are friends card out I felt how inappropriate it would be to address it. I obviously don’t set strong enough boundary’s to let people know this friendly attitude is still coaching/spiritual advising even though my style is friendly. It actually makes me very sad that I take these folks into my inner world of spirit they disregard how intimate and deep this is for me. I offer ceremony to those that may-not be included in ritual, so my Kusrutam will include this miscommunication, Charlie Thom told me once with my prayers it might do well to live in the forest and do prayers that way. However that is not my Divine destiny being or getting out more is the other part of Kusrutam is now happening not knowing yet what that means. In my sessions my teacher clients know they are rising to new heights needing to jump off the diving board into the New however not have a clear definition of what that is yet…… prayers will go into the unknown.

Gratitude for the summer of 2016

I finally got my newsletter out, with all the great activities that happened this summer, yahoo for me and everyone. I also am in Bill Baren’s coaching program since June 1 which has helped me get more focused making my sessions better clearer and more direct. It has been a wonderful process meeting so many wonderful people who are driven to not only do their work but make a huge difference in so many powerful areas. I feel lucky to be a part of the change on the planet. I also started working on my book since taking Christine Kloser Transformation Author Experience with some other great people that has taken a back set through the summer but will get back to it. I definitely want to write a Ebook about Vision Quest there are no resent books out there about so many ways to achieve awesome results if you don’t want to sit out in nature. I am excited about this fall. In October there is a native term called Kstudum (spelling not sure) but I am doing a family Sweat Lodge for the completion of 2016 in gratitude, plus putting down prayer medicine for the coming year 2017. This year many changes the great news is Mom/Lillian Grace was able to run the second round in the lodge last year after her many surgery’s, staph infections wasn’t well enough to do so.  I also am looking forward to the fall equinox with letting go of even more but creating a better clarity of what works. I am also offering free consultations in limiting numbers due to the program I am in to get the flow of new clients/referrals to make a bigger difference in people lives. Sunday I got together with Andree Morgana “Best of Mt. Shasta” to start preparing for next years( July 21-23, 2017) event with some great presenters and advertising people. We each did a short 5 minute video explaining about our relationship with Mt Shasta, the work we do and how we can move forward offering retreats, VIP days through the year. I love doing that VIP having people come plan a unique day or days designed for you stay at the Dream Inn, play and move forward, then do follow-ups on conference line or zoom to continue our intimate work together. I am really hoping you take me up on snow shoeing it is really fun but also a spiritual experience being out in the white forest with Spirit………