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In Between the Eclipses – Feb 2018.

Wow, wee what is going on? I bet you are wondering along with everyone else……..I keep checking astrology thinking am I doing this right, probably not… I still workout early to stay on track, meditate, pray, tap, and off to plan my day.

I was in the Bill Baren Rising Stars (2015), the program just before All-Stars, building to get there but suddenly on November 28 I got a message from one of my breakout coaches that she owed me two sessions more since the program is now over or you can have your regular coach do those, really I still owe money. At first, I was floored as they brand themselves on integrity and communication, how did I not know it was over?

But then I stepped back to think,  ok God this is another sign to step aside. I had talked with my coach saying this then settling in that maybe I was just finished with this particular part of the program.

One of the issues I have worked on all year is setting boundaries with my clients. I am very folksie so  I tend to work with my clients for a long time. I find that people squeak in the friend range when I attempt to say that in fact, the shaman work I have been doing with them is really in the client mode, they tend to get angry. So why wouldn’t they when free works. I have often opted out when asked to go to lunch or coffee they still want some processing or support so then I just skip that. So my coaches have been a success I have set some clear boundaries leaving some of them annoyed with me. I had one guy I met once he announced on one of my calls by the way I will no longer pay you because we are now friends……..Really? I never know what to say at that moment.

I have some great tools and training from the Bill Baren training, meeting amazing people. So I have learned this year that just keep the focus no matter what. My clients are saying the same thing feeling out of sorts, stale, not feeling inspired, wishing they would achieve their dreams, but till these eclipses are passed we are putting down the magic and prayer to make miracles happen and move forward and through it no matter what.

I have gotten clear messages recently I have followed those directions, if I ask my clients to do it then I must. When I was going to the bay area to help relieve family stress I go to Soul Cycle and intense workout this gal I have gone with this would be my fourth time. I got the clear message to offer to give her support, now I don’t know her at all. But one of the Shaman gifts I have always had is I follow directions like accepting that Bill Baren may be done with me. So on Saturday morning in Stanford Palo Alto I came early to give Casey my card telling her that I would love to support/reading for her………she looked shocked but I said we could connect after. Which if you nothing about this Soul Cycle it is 50 people all jamming in on soul cycle bicycles for 45 mins. then coming out another 50 people coming in for the next class so crowded front office, but I stuck around feeling a bit stupid but knowing I had to do it. Casey told me she had never done anything like that seeing her look at me this crazy woman I got her email to send her this website and my info. Funny huh!

Then another vision I had been in a group of women on Zoom after doing the Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Retreat in Baltimore, we did our Soul Sister Writing Group for about a year using Zoom. I had the definite message to see if they would be willing to maybe do it again once a month or so. So I again wrote a message who knows the jury is still out on that. I had 2 gals from that group I had to claim that session (paid) verse friend so made a peace call to the one to heal it. I know at this time it is no accident who shows up these days holding on the resentments or old stuff isn’t where it is at.

I also had two friends I have known for over 20+ yrs contact which for me is another beautiful sign the time is moving in a good direction. One had already signed up for my Women’s Gathering May 26 & 27, plus making flyers for Vision Quest July 27-30. So what is my point about this since we and I are in-between these eclipses and New Moon very important to set the groundwork for not only this year but the intentions for the coming years as odd as that might seem.

I also contacted New Renaissance In Portland I am doing a talk April 14, and at East West in Mountain View on Medicine Wheel Wisdom and the Healing Power of Mt Shasta. Even though I too feel like I am somewhat stagnating, I know I am in the right place writing here getting back to my stories that need to be documented even if I use my other name but while I still remember the wild happening it needs to be a focus.

Today Results Coaching Fundamentals Retreat has started for the Bill Baren but it felt clear as I went to workout at 6 am I am in the right place doing the right action. In the past, I have done so many things and knew I had to show up but this was a clear message nope no need. It is free great people well I am still paying so not so free. I am sure it is awesome again not wanting to sign up for the next go around but not now. My friend Rebecca is there I miss doing this with her but we can do something else or still continue as accountability coaches. Just a heads up I did my visit Vision Quest in 1991, then being in the Marble Mountains for 13 days processing the other Questers 26 of us, having an office in San Carlos having groups of women for the Artist Way, also doing Women’s Empowerment’s, so this is not my first rodeo, but doing Coaching with Bill Baren’s group since 2015 I have learned many better skills, of sending agreements, commitment s for each of us, it has helped define a better clear communication of expectations.