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Rising after another Peru trip

Blog after Peru and Quarantine

I haven’t written since before my trip to Peru it turned out to be amazing however my 6 people who were planning to come along each had a different very good reason but plan to come another time. I was making my bed seeing my gal Amber Balk coming I called her been involved with her first Vision Quest 2006 before she became PHD therapist she said she is definitely in. So we planning to leave 12-2 meeting up in LA part of the flight I got to the airport in good timing but what happened blew my miss organized away knowing it part of my challenge of sticking to my shaman challenge. I was being booked in luggage handed my passport she looked puzzled what I had was my old passport, I almost threw up. Trying to figure my next step had to get back to my car before put in parking area, get on the road to get my passport plus figure out a flight. I called Amber she was ok I was on the phone with airline as I drove in 5 pm traffic of the bay area, had to be charged for a complete flight at the same time the next day. I felt ill the whole way but knowing I had to get there. Arriving at 10:30  Mt Shasta, already organized for leaving left made it back  Connections made easy even though still feeling perplex on this journey, arriving in Cusco taxi waiting with Amber noonish off to Nadi Washi stopping off at refuge place being greeted by condors to Peru and Alpaca’s already a huge journey haven’t even made it to retreat center.

Being ready feeling ok with altitude sipping on coco leaves getting ready to leave for Lake Titicaca taxi bus, to the lake an amazing trip not realizing the height of the altitude 13,000 an amazing place knowing the crystals under the lake feeling the vibration everywhere. Welcomed by our guide Jesus and Daya beginning a knock out a trip that at some point I will go through more details.

The end of the trip we where in Cusco with Vilma P going to various spiritual places listening to her teachings, last day going to The Temple of Moon, another knock out energy place…….laying on the ground I asked her about the grief I was feeling plus has a cough through most of the trip, feeling this was all about the tremendous grief of the world she agreed. Little did I know what was to come upon returning what the world was going through.

We arrived as planned our flight home was canceled back to our great hotel in Cusco, we spent the day resting and going to a museum taking it easy back to the airport ………after leaving Amber not really connect each going our own way, such a gift she was so intelligent & independent thank goodness any of this could have bothered anyone else.

So then the upon Xmas with cough not really available to go to the MD   till 1-8,2020 still having such profound deep grief little did I know what was in store for the world.

        I was still in a deep process to write about my process only connecting with my clients really hoping to write up a new advertisement for new clients or offering but really just present attempting to figure what is going on? I called New Renaissance Book store in Portland to set up teaching some how feeling it wasn’t going to happen but getting flyers made going through the motions. Still not reaching out for new clients feeling that same old grief wondering what in the heck is going on. I was suppose to have Shasta Sweat Group over for intentions for the New Year each time we set up a Sunday for our gathering that too didn’t happen, by March it was a wash on all of it March 13, 2020 everything changed for me actual date of quarantine 3-16 but I felt the surge of it earlier beginning to understand the grief however now it was more then over whelming. I was able to do follow throughs that were necessary some I was not able to do others are still waiting. Now we are beginning to see a world wide departure of souls leaving no-one is talking about the sudden grief those folks finding themselves on the other side instantly.

So today May 18, 2020, is way down the line 2 months later still not making that advertising offer for sessions it is taking everything to get through the day follow astrology handling my clients calls plus for updates in how they need support. I again am very selective as to who I listen to, and who I talk with. So many so-called yahoo’s turn me off once they start speaking in spiritual mumbo jumbo……this is a scientific truth calling virus…..these so-called no mask, no vaccines forget how it was with Polio. Last night on MSNBC the MD for the Polio vaccine talked about how difficult it was to achieve comparing this to that & HIV those are the folks I listen to. I think our future Spiritual community will be based on facts, science, the truth that is traceable not to say there are not exceptional visitations and pre-normal happenings. We are living in a new time that is really powerful we have been asked to be here for this those souls who have left have offered their lives for the huge change that is upon us not to diminish the enormous grief we are all experiencing which will go on till the awakening has been achieved but not in short term time. So as we move forward I want to participate more in this blog sharing encouragement and some peace.