Monthly Archives: December 2017

Creating Magic after Unbelievable Year

Ok that sounds interesting but we have gone through a huge purging from President, sexual assault, losing tax relief, medical is definitely in question, so what is the possibility of Magic. I have achieved some goals this last year that I wanted to do since 1998, one which is putting wood floors in, now a wood stove. However with the successes I feel there is so much more to do and needs to happen. I did The Best of Mount Shasta, Mom had a big gash on her leg that is just now getting healed a crazy time, going to Dr. So me being driven to accomplish my Launch,  write, LinkedIn and go to New Renaissance book store has’t happened. I saw on FB where this fellow wrote 3 books this year and has plans to do the same in 2018. Those of us who just can’t get it going with the way of our  astrology, Carol who did my chart on my birthday told me not to expect much till about now, asking her why it isn’t moving? So now I am hoping that since Saturn is going out after 28 years of being there. I can get into my gratitude and focus for my role in my own destiny.  When I work with my clients what people don’t understand is the importance of our mutual trust and intimacy to achieve goals…… laughter taking it lightly and let’s have some fun as you achieve your goals.  So much for me to achieve not only from now on, but for the next 10 yrs. time is of the essence. I also am interested in talking about the “Medicine Wheel” since I am in the North Wisdom Keeper White Buffalo I see life differently then I did when I was in the West Bear and Raven Medicine, where you are driven in many ways. As I look back I could have focused my time is such different ways but there we feel so driven knowing we are right, plus fairly addicted to our suffering, not realizing the healing is happening to focus on how effective we can be now that we understand why we choose that form of learning. I know I got the Oscar for that that even after starting in Native it drew more out of me with the heat and being in nature, but the problem is letting it go, to do the real deal new beginning once we are experiencing the death of sorts. Fascinating stuff then bringing it into present day how to achieve goals and move for understanding that our childhoods are what we came to work on and how we are here to help people with our compassion of ourselves plus innately feeling theirs. Really beautiful if we have the ability to see it for what it is. I think now I can but then I wanted to tell my story over and over, how about a new story? That is where we all are no no matter what our age this New time coming is important to change it up get the focus and determination necessary!  In answer to how do you and we create magic we have to be fully engaged in this life for again determination, focus, and taking our bodies with us. Your benefits can be more JOY, Laughter, and being honest with your progression in your divine part, it takes a more fulfilling life which is what we strive for while on earth, I can help you design that plan or create the dream that you stopped dreaming!