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Book Store East West Mountain  View April 21, 2018 $25 in  advance Medicine Wheel Talk Linda M Held

New Renaissance, Portland April 14 11-12:30 Medicine Wheel Talk

Early Dates for 2018 retreats, events and Vision Quest.   

Women’s weekend Goddess Being in Nature & Sweat Lodge May 26 & 27, 2018 flyer to follow!

Vision Quest dates July 27 -30, 2018 only 4-5 spots private prep plus follow up too! flyer to follow!           

                 Vision Quest  & VIP Days 

 This is for people who are interested in creating what you want by using my technology, coaching, and guidance for “Moving Through It” .

Moving Through It! means working through whatever is bothering you or holding you back. Rather than numbing it through alcohol, shopping, TV or whatever else limits you; I will coach you to directly manifest your dreams through exercise, meditation, journaling, and gratitude work.  This is a spiritual retreat in a beautiful, natural setting that brings you closer to nature and to your own heart. My amazing staff and I will support you in going on a Quest for yourself and your life. I have conducted this Quest since 1992.

For those of you who have attended or supported on a previous Quest, you know what an amazing experience it is being out in the Shasta Camp feeling safe and taken care of and having that powerful nature supporting you. You are out in nature, feeling the power of Mount Shasta’s energy, a life changing experience!

Some of the things that might we might address on the Moving Through It! Quest include:

  • Identifying Your Blocks or Limitations
  • Gaining Clarity about your Career or Life Purpose
  • Healing Relationships
  • Finding Inner Peace
  • Connecting Deeply with Nature
  • Facing Your Fears
  • Beginning or Deepening your Meditation and Journaling Practices
  • Awesome Results of finding Peace & Joy in a New Way
  • Creating a dynamic way of living with Adventure & clarity

Sacred Sweat Lodge

Private Groups minimum of 10 people contact me, not open to the public!

Sweat Lodge Ceremony
OUr friends from Japan

I am glad you are interested in the sweat lodge ceremony. Because you may not understand what is necessary to conduct this ceremony, I thought it would be helpful to provide this information for you.
The sweat lodge ceremony is one of the physical and spiritual purifications practiced by Native Americans to overcome illness, to prepare for other ceremonies, or anytime there is a need for any answer on some level. (Prayer ceremony) By combining the elements of fire, water, and rocks; you learn about the Earth, yourself, animals and all of creation.
Important points to remember about the sweat ceremony are:.
1. The sweat ceremony always has a leader. You must always listen to that leader show him or her the proper respect. They are responsible for your safety and is the teacher of the ceremony.

2. The Second in command of the ceremony is the fire keeper. listen to this person. The fire keeper’s role is a difficult one with many responsibilities. They must also act as role model for all the adults and children attending the sweat lodge ceremony. This person is responsible for: The fire, wood and rocks used during the ceremony, opening and closing the door, bringing in the water, and bringing in the pipe or anything else the leader may request.
If there is an altar, they are responsible for its care and all that is placed on it. (Please check with this person some altars are respected not to put anything on them).
The fire keeper is also responsible for maintaining peace and quiet around the area of the ceremony, and insuring all participants behave in an acceptable manner (also, different tribes have different rules for the way the firer keeper sweat lodge Leader runs these, please check with appropriate leaders to find out what is protocol for each ceremony.).

3. Women attending a sweat ceremony must adhere to specific rules. This is a religious ceremony and you are there to pray. Your body must be fully covered in a long dress. Do not attend the ceremony during your menstrual cycle. Your cycle is a cleansing time for you as a woman and makes you spiritually strong.

4. Do not use drugs or alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to the ceremony. At the completion of the ceremony, do not use drugs or alcohol for at least 24 hours. Respect the ceremony and the cleansing you have just experienced. Give yourself time to benefit from the ceremony.

5. Always conduct yourself in a respectful manner. The sweat lodge is our church and a religious ceremony. Respect yourself and all others in attendance. No teasing others, swearing, or disrespectful language, no fighting, no criticizing of others or people who are not present.

  1. Remember, every thought is a prayer. We must have Good Thought if we are to help anyone.This Ceremony is conducted for your benefit. The people who run it work hard and have shared their life with you. If you would like to show your appreciation, a donation will say Thank You…..

are some of the logistics for the Moving Through It! Questing Or VIP day or days!

Women’s gatherings postponed for now!

 I am thinking with the huge transitions everyone is in would be good to get support and checking in for the New Year, or plain setting new goals, or figuring that out. I know as a group we can do more as a group, possibly 2 times a month for 1 1/2 hr. or less making it available for everyone to get that vision, focus, support. I will record each session in case you miss the week.  Some of you have been in my classes for several years let’s do it again!
  • First week check in sharing where you are. ( Dream big)
{a journey I send to each of you to tune into where you are ready to go) Listen at your leisure
  • Second now sharing where you would like to be in 2018. (it can be simple stuff or more challenging)
(  another journey tape of manifesting possibilities)
  • Third week let’s talk about the challenges that you might face as you proceed, what type of support do you need from the group before completion
  • Fourth week where are you now that we have proceeded share those feeling & what has came up! Maybe even feeling more joy and determination now that you have focus
  • Fifth Now how are you going to continue to implement these changes what are your strategic ways not sabotage yourself & your success. ( what can you do to celebrate)
  • Sixth week now we are going to have Q& A, anything to complete talk about Vision board for 2018 what would you put on it! 

For those of you who have been in my Artist Way support group you have an idea of what we as a group offer each other. As we move into the New Year always best to get focus and support, plus most people who join my groups are highly intelligent, creative, and really fun. So you can expect to get a lot out of it. Plus as a group you will tell what you are willing to commit to having the group support your commitment even if at this point it is a big blank. Plus another is you will share how you plan to celebrate your successes.

If there is anyone else you can think of that would enjoy our group please invite them, have them contact me. We will be using Zoom for those who don’t want to be on video you can call in too. a great way to record.
What I am thinking is possibly   5pm-6:30pm Price $97 ( suggestions if another time works better for everyone)
Letting go of what didn’t work in 2017
Share Successes of 2017
Start enjoying and laughing with others about 2017
Gaining momentum for 2018
Having loving support around focusing on your next steps
Doing active work through the body to manifest the best in 2018 and what you will commit to
Please email me or call or 530-926-1427