Monthly Archives: December 2016

Getting into Xmas Changes!

I am getting through this loss of my fire-keeper seeing the importance of getting our affairs in order which Steve Chase did not. He has this woman Karly who is his main person along with the the DA from Siskiyou County which takes all his mail, plus till thing move he can’t be cremated till the bill is paid. He was so careful with finances now it is more complicated then one would expect. He was in anger about so many things plus really wanting to move on, now he is but feeling him being in turmoil because of him not handle necessary responsibility to his own affairs. Now once he is cremated the ashes will be put in his favorite places however that too is hold due to the weather in Dec. I guess there maybe a memorial around his birthday in Feb. 2 we will see people have been asking about it.


I have been recovering from my fall however what made it difficult I was unable to do the things with my Bill Baren Coaching program I needed to once again I am getting going. I had a session with my coach creating a new PMM message relating better to my current clients.” I work with executives who are frustrated and unfulfilled in their relationships after years of building their career. I help them create relationships that fee them and enjoy more fulfillment in their life.” I had sent Celebration Cards offering a free session for current plus previous clients, moving forward with my support it was a great idea from my coaching training plus being around dynamic people who are intelligent plus working to assist in the changes of this life. I often feel I have more to do that is why I joined this group plus in a womans group Psyche Salon to get the support with the changes that are upon us. I feel I am very qualified to support people because of my own life experience plus my driven spirituality that started in my 20’s. I often hear people share how advanced they are because they took a current training so my question is how long is this advanced training they say various times, which often is what I would call a newbie not to insult them, because I also realized that when come souls awake they are old souls bringing their gifts into these time. The jury is still out for examination I worked with a woman who had explored so many modalities this summer, listening to her journey and the crap that people sold her awakened me in giggles, please examine who you work with. In this journey it is very intimate to trust your psychic or coach to move forward also needing support now more then ever. I need it too having those peers I can call for advice and support. I had another client that announced that he would no longer pay me we are now friends they way he announced it perplexed me I was so speechless, wanting to say why would you think we are close friends. I work intimately which is my style that has been present my whole life. I also know that when assuming that card being friend often I can’t do the best work for my clients, even though I care deeply being that cheer leader in your corner.  So knowing then our time is complete moving to my new clients which totally excites me in the journey drawing those who are willing, excited to make changes which is so fun and powerful. Feeling in transition with my new Marketing Message getting professionals that are ready for that shift in intimacy and fun in relationships!

I am also very excited with the shift that is occurring even though the elections, seems miss giving knowing we are being forced to make shifts in ways we hadn’t planned on it being this way. Now the challenge is where do I want to put my energy is the big question. Striving for peace and being productive in this life with what life we have left.  Saying this my fire-keeper Steve thought being gone he would not have to deal with this level of life but his transition has not been a walk in the park he has found out too. Just because we leave this dimension we are not done with our own responsibility even in heaven we still are having our work to do to progress.