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New Times not sure what that means for any of us!

So I feel very blessed, suppose to go Kona 3-14, however got an email from Alaskan Air confirming the flight 3-7………geese louise! I was sure they were wrong not so on my way to workout at 5:45am, but knew I needed to get on the phone cancellations, plus less then 2 day to achieve new reservations? What a nightmare but still knowing there is something deeper going on. My Virgo rising doesn’t make these type of mistakes but did, oh my! So now paying more for car, so many are going to Kona due to crazy weather in the East Coast. I spend till 3:30 pm getting it settle plus paying much more then usual. So now less then 24 hrs to jump in the car ride to Los Gatos have my son Josh get us to the airport by 6 am. We did it plus having my Mom at 88 letting her know at 7 am we are leaving for Kona Wednesday morning she says, ‘ Are you kidding”  me “Nope!” Then explaining or trying to how I could mess up so bad. This is a big example of following directions no matter what which Charlie Thom knew I was good at one of my many gifts. Often not really understanding why only to find out much later. I still don’t have the complete answer yet,but what I do know it I have a bigger bill on my credit card, coming back had 2 new clients. I know I needed some type of healing  getting out of town being by the energy of Pele for sure. I had planned to write more and didn’t but I did do a video early in the morning which was fun and easy. I feel blessed to have done zoom with a couple different groups for over a year feeling pretty comfortable using it plus seeing the benefit of being authentic. I also got some flyers planned and sent them to Zepp getting done for my talk In Portland March 14 11-12:30 a place I haven’t wanted to go since my son was living there to get resident so he would apply to Dental School. I will do a video on FB on that long relationship with the area. I also got my flyer done for my talk at East West in Mountain View April 21 6-9 pm workshop.  I did that video on FB already both flyers are almost the same the same talk posted here along with my Women’s Me too gathering May 26-27, so I did get focused. Also getting focused of coming back for recouping maybe every 6 months; Still doing 3 sessions for clients while on this vacation. I really love being available for my clients a gift I have had for many years Eve Crane from KEST the radio show always complimented this. It is very important to me!

Coming back feeling the importance of getting out there the time is NOW I knew I had to do the March, however jumping in the car going to SF or Sacramento was too much of a drive, so I went to Medford to be counted. Seeing that I guess the crowd was over 50 yesterday the poll said the most were age 49 and older, plus 89% Hilary voters. The time is now that is another reason I workout so much to clear the crazy energy of this political and personal energy, plus being that older in the North of the Medicine Wheel Elder to be able to continue this drive! Thank you for reading this!

Autumn is here!

So this summer went by with a great Eclipse Aug. 21, 2017 one that was huge, we had a small group up at Sand Flat, drumming, praying, and singingI didn’t realize that we would see 90% of it but once I did I put the call out to drum and say prays our small group was amazing. The summer went by great first The Best of Mt Shasta, after my big birthday transition it was great, met great presenter’s, plus great people we just need more people coming to the event. My Mom carried my block of wood from my display here hit her leg took a huge section of skin off 20 stitches later darn after such a great weekend. It was a huge process, we went to Kona on Labor Day the next day after the flight her wound was oozing so we went to urgent care, they were very concerned, almost ended up in the hospital with IV’s but took oral medication that upset her stomach. I got up early ran each morning watching the sunrise so awesome feeling so blessed having a great condo. What was awesome I had 4 sessions sitting out on the porch, now feeling I love my clients and doing it this way. I felt it opened up more possibilities for me to do this more often. Also with Mom’s limitation made me slow down read a great book which being in Bill Baren’s Coaching Program reading all kinds of material letting my reading go or not reading as often as I like. We went to Hilo to visit our favorite Temple, eating amazing food, by then Mom was feeling better.

Coming back I am feeling more motivated to do more!

I had started making a commitment to get to workouts at 6 am with not only the attempt to workout but also to change my brain messages; I am too tired, it is too early, on & on. I have achieved that for 6 + months feeling great about it all plus really focusing on achieving more still standing a bit still with my web site just starting to change it, plus push toward doing a launch 6 week course on FB but doing it conference call or zoom modality. I asked the friend astrologist Carol when she had done a reading for me contacting her when we got back asking why I am not moving forward more she said that it isn’t time yet. Astrology will move more by the end of the year, however that doesn’t ease my conscious or my coach wanting me to move.

So now I am definitely looking forward to those changes anxious, today I have confirmation from favorite clients that were here for a session and fire ceremony, plus my other client’s birthday writing all her has achieved, then having a friend say she wants to do Quest this year, plus has a friend who also wants to do it. I want to do 4 people that seems possibly 3 already, yahoo, great day!

My Marketing Message:  I work with professionals who are stuck and unfulfilled after focusing on their careers/business’s. I help them with having fulfilling relationships, creating a life that turns them on, big Vision creating life changes that creates a dynamic life.

Full Moon in Cancer

I guess big change is in the air, but what does that mean? We are all curious about that knowing we have to get more involved, in what? My coaching is going great loved working with 10 people through the Holiday Season free New Years Sessions now realizing that they are my greatest advocates for new clients. Today I was having my own coaching with Susan Liddy she said,” what if it that easy just drawing clients that come to me with expectancy of doing the work, even if it is tough.” This is the first time I really am getting some people truly are not my clients, needing to either just let them go or direct them to what would work for them. Pretty fascinating I also read a book suggested by another great coach ” The Big Leap” how we have a ceiling of our own limitation by either getting sick, sabotaging ourselves or like me have an accident. I felt it was a big push to take care of myself but now as I examine after reading this book there is a great possibility that I was experiencing great success plus planning to go to Kona working on my book, webinar, plus run before dawn, jumping off the diving board in a bigger way of moving forward but after my fall………nope really fascinating what I did even though I possibly needed rest or couldn’t sit barely do anything for a few weeks. I never really had back pain more like nerve pain, plus shooting pains in my knees, plus swelling in odd places so  I did this to myself assuming  I did a good one….couldn’t sit in a car or air plane……plus everything was paid for other then spending money, geese I want to break this ceiling not working I need to understand I deserve success and so do my clients getting the best, being a person of service for a very long time. What I realized for myself some of my greatest talents I have stopped doing for myself, journey into my future self, my counsel with the aspects of myself conference room, plus put my writing on hold finding it was too exposing even though I am using Selena Saunders story. Also chatting with clients about the words they want to use for the coming year was thought provoking. I also after a few weeks my fire-keeper Steve Chase passed, I had cut his hair, then days later he has a massive stroke. It was an odd time but he wasn’t happy in his life and decided not to do necessary things to be in better health, high blood pressure, plus knew he had a heart problem Doctors wanted his to do a stress test but refused now he with the Angels. As part of all this transition moving into the New Year with idea of New President, plus so many weird challenges but keeping our focus to help and be of service as much as we can this whole process is a huge shift and me reading, being still, and process with my clients is such a blessing. I want you to know if you are my clients or have been I greatly appreciate the trust you have put with me. I also want you to know your life matters to me! Even when people pass that is one of the great parts they come to visit to want to know that their life mattered even if they have left this physical life and moving on!  By the way I am a Cancer so this Moon means lots to me in this New beginnings!