How can coaching help me?

Does this sound familiar? YOU

  • Yearn for something different in your life
  • Struggle making life decisions
  • Wonder what your divine purpose it
  • Are plagued reactive negative thinking or actions
  • Are working towards developing a success strategy
  • Wonder why things are not manifesting as quickly as they use to
  • Want a new job or search out new beginnings no matter where you are
  • Want more passion in your life or want to manifest a relationship working
  • Are already achieving great success, but want to amp up the progress Envisioning more playful success
  • Need support to achieve goal. Keep keeping on. Play Big in all happenings.


How coaching can change your life NOW?

  • Create the life you desire
  • identify limiting beliefs and move beyond them
  • Connect to your freedom
  • Create a new story
  • Develop that magic strategy for tasks such as exercise, mediation, tapping
  • Live life based on a love principle
  • Development discernment with a positive attitude. (Stick with Winners)
  • Make decisions quickly and with confidence
  • Create a life in which miracles happen easily
  • Connect with your Divine Self, the Divine Source and your Divine Supporters, gaining clarity about the things you desire and how to manifest in your daily life. (Nothing is too great.)

Keys to making it through career dole drums blocks to having a rich & fulfilling life

Week 1: Identifying what those blocks are creating the space to make new dreams. Journey into that

Week 2: What are your challenges Sabotage inside that won’t let you make those new goals.

Week 3 With my Coaching I am help you start to visualize moving forward with a journey.

Week 4: What type of affirmation’s or meditation that you are excited to do to make reality

Week 5: Setting a firm plan of how to do that by changes in your mind messages

Week 6: Now that we have a plan Q & A


System of how you start:

Step 1: Identify first how do you really feel, on a scale of 1-10 where are in your process

Step 2: Address what is sabotaging you moving forward, use your journal to get clarity

Step 3: Where are you in your physical approach to moving forward, do you exercise, what are you willing or able to do to make it happen? A commitment to yourself moving forward mentally & physically.

Step 4: Now you have a better idea of where you are now start implementing those new ideas, searching out new adventures or people.

Step 5: Ponder where you want to go with all of this knowing you can do it.

Q & A Let’s talk about what might get in the way ending with a short journey


VIP upgrades:

Ok now you have finished this program let’s journey into a bigger confirmation of what you can do Moving Through It. Life

I work with executive’s/professionals that are frustrated after focusing on their career/business. I help them create a life which is fulfilling, that turns them on,

. A big Vision creating life changes that creates a dynamic life.!

Ultimate Results: are amazing, connection, adventure & empowerment re-creating Divine Joy in more areas of your life.

Session1: Moving through sabotage how you will clear struggles and clear energy deal with not letting anything get in the way of your desire (workout, diet, meditation)

Session 2: What are you willing to commit to get the results of living your life with passion, commitment, and having more fun. Creating a plan for enjoying this.

Session 3:  You commit to contacting the necessary people you need to contact to make the changes you are excited to make. Apply for a job 2 a month or get on Match or start planning that fun trip that is out of the box, feeling the momentum in all your life

Session 4: Reaching out to different venues to move forward!

Session 5: What is getting in the way of your success our plan let’s move through it see future self

Session 6: Now we are planning the next set of moving forward exploring what has gotten in the way let’s clear that set up new goals even the ones that are amazing! So by the end of our 6 months you are well on your way to that fulfillment you desire full of adventure!