Monthly Archives: August 2016

Full Moon/Eclipse

So just a quick check in my web designer Susanne Scull and I are going to get together next week to make some changes plus for me to learn how to add photo’s to this always new processes for me to learn but a great time for media & communication. I post phoned my Vision Quest then a miracle happened my guy Rey still wanted to do it but shorten it. He is coming up designing it just for him, plus his friend was going to come I was going to take her out to Ney Springs for another type of ceremony while he is out praying. It gave me a great idea of doing such advertising for couples or friends who would like to move deeper into their relationship while doing this type of nature exploration. My Marketing message for the Bill Baren Coaching Big Shift I am in with some amazing people, in the gathering rather then using my message of hopeless people moving into transition to happy productive lives, which I still guide people through all kinds of transitions which I love I now am opening to “I work with people who are frustrated and alone, I help them create a fun passionate relationship with some-one they can love. ” So I have thrown this around with clients they get all excited at the possibility of opening once more for the magic and joy of a happy relationship. It has been a fun process for me plus practicing using the message. ¬†Clients finding new hope that your significant other is out there and discover how to find them, I give support in your dreams, it isn’t too late for manifestation.

Last week I had Keiko’s Ana Gucci’s Japanese group for Sweat Lodge once again it was amazing even though the weather was 93 degrees but coming out of the lodge it still is cooler then inside. My fire-keeper is amazing in great gratitude for Steve Chase taking good care in everything he does, Bennie’s amazing healing energy helping, of course Lillian Grace (Mom) leading the second round very powerful our elder at 87 to guide 15 people into their prayers and healing. It is a private group I am not open to the public keeping the groups safety and privacy in check, it is a great responsibility plus a heck of a lot of work for prep and finishing up that most people don’t know or understand. For me it is serious honorable ceremony not a hoe down so I maintain the right to refuse anyone. A Ho! Thank you Keiko till next year!