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New Times Moving Forward in our lives Muddy Mess

So how are you in this time of change? We are moving forward pulling the mud out of the hidden depth of our world showing up in odd ways. I can share my own shaman experience those of you have been here at my home for Sweat Lodge, my beautiful pond that had several fish lots of water lily’s but then proceeded to leak very much like our political system the flushing out of hidden agenda’s rather what team you are on. Now seeing the pain of the muck that was below the surface, it is hard deep work we are witnessing. I climbed in my pond pulling togging the rubber lining that was wrapped in roots, deb re, rocks, hard messy nasty work…….hard labor work. I used my garage vacuum to get some of the muddy water out, but still have oodles left. I live on a swamp ( sping sorta) it would replenish no matter what I do. This week i am having an Indian Shawn help me with the the new lining and rubber hoping it all works out. So why am I describing this in a letter…..those of you who are searching for the Shaman search of experiences these show up in the oddest ways plus requires hard labor no matter what sex you are or age, keep showing up. As I worked there were 2 raven landing on my Sweat lodge then pacing as I work, not most would say isn’t that interesting however I see it as the possibility of miracles showing up knowing this hard work in the water psychological cleansing that is being needed Now!
  As a teacher I found my work with Charlie Thom this type of work taught me the most in Shaman terms but you have to be totally present to understand your part in even re-doing a pond. Being here in Mt Shasta is representative of the heart of the world sending out prayers for all that is going on,the saddness of Puerto Rico , volcano’s in Kona, and  Guatemala   having the mud oozing between my shoes almost tugging like quick sand one thing is great I didn’t fall totally in but maintained my balance plus learning to quite while I could stay clear of my understanding.
  What is more interesting in a 24 hour period I had 4 people want to get together Jannie from Portland, Ann Astrology from Davis, Chad & Charlie from Los Angles. It was almost impossible to do so but it is not accident they are drawn to their role in the prayers I just kept it simple telling each of them about my work but again my knowing the importance of their energy being around. This work you have to pay attention even if it is a visitor seems innocent but actually what is the possibility of these 4 being here they of course don’t know each other at all. I would have loved to do the normal thing have coffee or breakfast or something fun and not so muddy but I knew the importance of staying on track with my prayers.
  So finishing up I had help with Shawn Hoaglen who is a spiritual medicine person he understood what I was say about it being necessary to understand the symbolism of the muddy tied up roots from my water lily’s much is being exposed for us to clear, heal and be part of the solution.
  So this summer if you are ready to move forward contact me for a session to see if we can do this journey together. I appreciate my clients even when there is challenges just staying on track moving forward no matter what often setting new goals once we achieve what we start with making new decision and finding your destiny……..Play with a big Vision!
Blessings during these transitions and transformation, dream big, keep the energy flowing…….it is a time of creating how you want to move forward!
I am writing not only to tell you about my upcoming event but I have received guidance to come your way and participate with this gal whom I don’t know but feel with the drumming and information it will be fun!
Please remember I will be at East West in Mountain View on 7-7,2018 1:30-3:30 then doing readings half hour or more 4-7 [email protected] for reservation I will be sending a flyer around shortly
I will be at New Renaissance in Portland 7-14 from 11-2 i will be sending a flyer around shortly too!
I will be doing a family, friends and those I am working with on Father’s Day will filly up the water in my pond just before. My Sweat Lodge is private not open to the public so please call me to check with me.
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