Psychic Reading
Psychic sessions: $250.00 and up sign up for my 5 month packages also 10 month packages at discounts…….I work with executives/professionals who are stuck and unfulfilled after focusing on their careers/businesses.  I help them with having fulfilling relationships, creating a life that turns them on, big vision developing a  dynamic life.

Results are amazing: connection, adventure & empowerment re-creating Divine Joy in more areas of your life.

Coaching & Spiritual Guidance
How can coaching help me?


Massage & Psychic Session

Vision Quest & Lodge

House Clearings & Blessings

Breakthrough Quicken the Pace Moving Through Achieving your Goals & Dreams Now

Claim what you want Let’s go get it~
Result support to Achieve Outer & Inner Game
Recover your Authentic Self, Get more of your life back~
Upgrade 3 months or 6 months Platinum Shamanic Programs answer questionnaire then set up interview~
VIP Shaman Days
1 day 5 hours get in-depth support either on the phone, Zoom , or in person!
Set up 2 day retreat also!
Vision Quest
linda-held-in-dressApplication available limited to enthusiastic life changing experience~
 5 month conference call getting clear why are you doing a Quest?
 Sweat Lodge ceremony, go out 3 nights 4 days by yourself in a protected area, closing ceremony!
Prayer ties 101 of all 7 colors in preparation for Quest.
Location:  in Mt. Shasta
Complete  after staying in a sweet B&B  in our local area as re-enter! Read more about the Vision Quest. 
Value of Moving Through it Quest
  • Zoom Calls before Quest ( as needed)
  • Post sessions group calls, zoom
  • 2 private session 45minutes with either zoom or phone support
  • Bonus creating ceremony for your journey
  • Creating prayer circle getting guides, ancestors, and angels to assist you
  • Building a medicine pouch
  • Feeling happier, clarity and moving toward your dreams

If you are interested in any of programs contact me I will give you a complimentary enrollment consultation then we can see where to go from here.