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After Peru Welcome Home

So, Linda here Bright Star Talking Swan after my trip I walked in the door 12-14, 2018 and so did my Mom 89 with pneumonia an interesting fairly painful way to process my trip with also the Holidays today is 3-25, 2019 it is the first time I feel I can be transparent about it all to tell the actual story. Mom had a nebulizer for 4 times a day to breathe plus generally feeling lousy. Me getting back connecting with clients, getting house stuff caught up….while  some clients I stayed in touch with by email in Peru, they had no idea of how much shaman stuff I was busy doing plus walking miles a day, still glad to support their process but also tough. I had my son Zac and my friend Susan who handled the home front with Mom in and out of the hospital 3 times, both supporting my journey understand it was a necessary process even though very last minute unexpected even to myself. Arriving home to have Jennifer Whitherspoon (in Peru) continue our process with Munay-ki Rites though we were so busy there ran out of time doing it on Zoom understanding the importance of learning about them in Diane’s Dunn” Cusco The Munay-Ki Rites” an added responsibility that is now my job to pass on as aid in these times helping with the awakening we are upon. Then preparing Xmas unable to go to the bay area with Mom still struggling. Spent January settling in also appreciating all that care givers a necessary family responsibility I am able to do. Another past of my experiences learning how to do service in a very different way at a later age. I remember in our salon how people would talk about when they were the care-giver to very independent woman like my Mom how important to maintain their dignity and fight for the independence even in the most drastic of cases. I am glad to say Mom still could go to her job to support her friend evidentially able to go to the treadmill every other day which aided in her strength and breathing. Few people have what a challenge it is or how tireless job it can be. Many are uninterested but I am grateful for those who support me. Mom will be 90 on April 10, still wanting to do more support Sweat Lodge, going to Ashland Conscious Living Faire April 27 an all-day affair, talking about her tinctures.

  Each 2 wks working on Munay—ki 9 steps now planning another trip to Peru 8-3 till 8-15, 2019, which kept changing due to people coming for me from China, Japan, Argentina for ceremonial sweat lodge after their stay here in Mt Shasta an honor also fun.

Also going to New Renaissance April 13 for talk and reading in the afternoon, also on June 22.

 Went on a writing retreat with Ana     with great women. Plus having a small book done with all of our poems, these women act on it looking forward to doing more, having the right woman manifesting easily with great support.

So keep the energy moving with understanding this political energy and astrological understanding we have not been here before we must strive to make that difference keeping the magic and positive force in us as warriors (feminine) It is effecting everything the great exorcism  bringing out all the negativity that was hidden and now is present to show us the clearing that is needed on such a depth that we had no idea.  Some clients moving on unwilling to move forward I am up for the challenges with those that commit pushing through our own limitation clear clean. It was so clear in Peru at one of the altars the amount of determination needed during these times, plus balance to make change happen. In 1991 I did my first Vision Quest I was wandering around the Marble Mountains in 100-degree weather Laying on the ground exhausted having a clear vision of these huge beings (Star) in colorful blankets placing a large crystal in my solar plex me adjusting to the new energy. After Charlie Thom came to get me telling my Quest was done going right into the Sweat Lodge. Here in Peru at Mache Picchu on this high area laying on the ground having the same vision once again realizing this is why I am here, I heard the call I answered it. Now knowing the importance of going again. Coming back to Mt Shasta watching my grand-kids toboggin feeling the Star People contact me again on this sunny day while the kids play showing the importance of this work.

This is not a sprint we are spiritually running a marathon there is no quitting it is a chess game we said before arriving here (this human life) we said we would have a certain life with certain experience (lessons) still we are here to make a difference, we said we would. “Buck UP” use our voices for change.

Also, I want to add I have some long term clients who are completing I am looking at getting new coaching clients who are leaders willing to commit to make necessary changes in your life and being a mover in others. I am adding a calendar since I am on a drive to attract new clients, I am offering a free 20 minute get acquainted session, but looking at a strong long term minimum of 6 month commitment. I use to do 3 months however that only get you into movement I want to be the support of not relieving the stuck or pain but support you in pivotal changes, let’s have fun doing it. Jennifer Whiteraspoon is a client of mine for 5 + years who helped me with my website that has completed our relationship, being gone from Peru. Planning this trip to Peru now Myrna will help me vacillates Munay-ki and other healing modalities is a gift that we continue to move in being that energy that promotes change and leadership.

Pictures of Mom’s 90 with our family moving forward no matter what~