Linda M. Held started this journey with spirit early on but committed to following the spiritual path at 27. She has had many challenges, doing a range of trainings and being a support to her clients with power and insight working with many modalities of her training. She especially enjoys being in nature with clients having Mother Earth do her healing.

Linda Held has been coming to Mt. Shasta since 1978. She was constantly drawn to this majestic mountain on annual trips to Portland, Oregon with her two boys. She has had a romance with this mountain ever since. She offers guidance to the areas many sacred sites. Time, and a sense of adventure has introduced her to many wondrous teachers, and sites available to aid in personal growth and transformation. For a small country town, Mt. Shasta has so much to offer. Linda can take you on a soul journey while at this temple of nature. Some of her exclusive journeys include a private meditation seminar at the Crystal Temple, walking trips on her favorite trails, the “Shasta baptism” at the Stewart Mineral Baths, and an infinite variety of other excursions suited to your desires.Let Linda show you how Mt Shasta is not just about a 14,000+ foot mountain, but a spirit that resonates throughout the surrounding area. After leaving Mt. Shasta you will take more than you can imagine; sometimes one can only understand the power that is given, when back in everyday life.

Linda M HeldLinda Held is a gentle but powerful spirit woman walking in the Earth medicine ways. She is an excellent guide as her knowledge is vast and her connections are bountiful. Whether it is sweat lodge, vision quest, or spiritual coaching you are seeking, I recommend Linda as a guide for you. Aho!

–Drake Bear Stephen, author of Soul Sex: The Alchemy of Gender & Sexuality