New Times not sure what that means for any of us!

So I feel very blessed, suppose to go Kona 3-14, however got an email from Alaskan Air confirming the flight 3-7………geese louise! I was sure they were wrong not so on my way to workout at 5:45am, but knew I needed to get on the phone cancellations, plus less then 2 day to achieve new reservations? What a nightmare but still knowing there is something deeper going on. My Virgo rising doesn’t make these type of mistakes but did, oh my! So now paying more for car, so many are going to Kona due to crazy weather in the East Coast. I spend till 3:30 pm getting it settle plus paying much more then usual. So now less then 24 hrs to jump in the car ride to Los Gatos have my son Josh get us to the airport by 6 am. We did it plus having my Mom at 88 letting her know at 7 am we are leaving for Kona Wednesday morning she says, ‘ Are you kidding”¬† me “Nope!” Then explaining or trying to how I could mess up so bad. This is a big example of following directions no matter what which Charlie Thom knew I was good at one of my many gifts. Often not really understanding why only to find out much later. I still don’t have the complete answer yet,but what I do know it I have a bigger bill on my credit card, coming back had 2 new clients. I know I needed some type of healing¬† getting out of town being by the energy of Pele for sure. I had planned to write more and didn’t but I did do a video early in the morning which was fun and easy. I feel blessed to have done zoom with a couple different groups for over a year feeling pretty comfortable using it plus seeing the benefit of being authentic. I also got some flyers planned and sent them to Zepp getting done for my talk In Portland March 14 11-12:30 a place I haven’t wanted to go since my son was living there to get resident so he would apply to Dental School. I will do a video on FB on that long relationship with the area. I also got my flyer done for my talk at East West in Mountain View April 21 6-9 pm workshop.¬† I did that video on FB already both flyers are almost the same the same talk posted here along with my Women’s Me too gathering May 26-27, so I did get focused. Also getting focused of coming back for recouping maybe every 6 months; Still doing 3 sessions for clients while on this vacation. I really love being available for my clients a gift I have had for many years Eve Crane from KEST the radio show always complimented this. It is very important to me!

Coming back feeling the importance of getting out there the time is NOW I knew I had to do the March, however jumping in the car going to SF or Sacramento was too much of a drive, so I went to Medford to be counted. Seeing that I guess the crowd was over 50 yesterday the poll said the most were age 49 and older, plus 89% Hilary voters. The time is now that is another reason I workout so much to clear the crazy energy of this political and personal energy, plus being that older in the North of the Medicine Wheel Elder to be able to continue this drive! Thank you for reading this!

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