Getting updated to the NOW!

Finally getting to this after a crazy year……….as of March 12 ,2020 Getting updated to the NOW!

I bought a new car used with low milage for my travels to the bay area & Portland by March 13 began to realize the world was changing. The car was in Vacaville tried to get out of it all but I did need a car since I had sold mine. They delivered it a month later since everything was in quartine. I had been at the college for Cross Fit 3 times a week spin at the 3-4 times a year to New Renaissance Book store to teach in Portland, plus in a writing class Thursday evening with Ana Ramana. I also do Sweat Lodge for 12 +groups in the summer 8 from Japan, plus taking people out on adventures on the mountain or Ney Springs with this all stopping only doing session on the phone or zoom understanding the danger of it all requiring safety. I even would go for my run/walk my MD friend says wear a mask because unknown time of droplets so I did but would get accosted yelled at how stupid it was I stopped going during the day only going right about sunrise to avoid those nuts. Our spiritual are have oodles of conspiracy & hoax people refusing to wear mask or social distance even very surprise as to those so called spiritual leaders. They continued to take people in groups often I would respond they have an ego that people are safe but the arrogance mad me change my mind or not let those folks in my home. I handed out gloves and masks they I would see them on the street not wearing them. Today there is a guy a year later still being indignant I will not have him around, another I cut his hair at his home my medical professional told them to wear masks if they don’t ,don’t do their hair. The last time he proceeds to yell how he didn’t believe in masks or won’t have a fucking vaccine, if you want you can leave so I did he was yelling at the top of his ling after a relationship of 10 years but his current gal friend is the conspiracy & hoax part.

So here we are 2-23-2021 vaccines, I have been paying on my car for a year. Everyone is having a terrible time after a year of this, people definitely are showing their true colors and my message is to don’t take it personally I have been saying this for the whole year. I get calls of I am depressed, pissed off, lonely, on and on. Mostly folks who are older are having a particular tough time. It is almost too tough to write about some are driven by ego this is why I haven’t written the old adage if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything. I do think we have changed so much the jury is still out this going inward I am sure has had many benefits. I started many projects finally working on my long-time coming stain glass that now is at a stands ill started before opening our store. I did 2 paintings very different from anything I have ever done, made a scarf, having trouble reading had 2 eye surgeries, thought if I got audible, I would listen not been watching the news till past Jans.6. I am learning Spanish from Babbel so when I go back to Peru I can speak it but I have to do it……. not? Interesting the friends who I am staying in touch with Amber, Delancy, Vilma, Jesus, Raffaella, Daya, being ready to go with a small group hopefully. After January 6, 2021 our whole idea of government has changed President Biden jumped into a mess, plus pandemic, all ranges of government a mess, including ERA, plus Black Lives really do matter after all these years.

Early on I started burning candles for all that is going on I was awoken at 11pm to go check out the store I use buy candles at in San Mateo thrilled they are still going I ordered a case and having burning along with prayers through this tumorous year. The owner was on the phone their business is down Catholic Episcopalian Churches, other who buy supplies are unable no gathering till maybe this week a year later. I am on my 34d case from Mc Coy . I also had a mesa or altar set up the whole time plus preparing for a Vision Quest with 707 prayer ties these were for the world my friend Marlowe and were going to go however with the bunch of folks on the mountain it didn’t feel right too much wild energy we will go this year I also am doing another bundle of prayer ties for me personally which is much needed.

I gave my clients a break in April saying they could contact me as much as needed, texting usually I have 2 session’s a month however with this pandemic I wanted to be available for them as needed. I also set up a prayer circle with 2 we started in ‘august and are continuing very powerful and intima. I asked several folks but they either couldn’t follow through or didn’t understand the intimate energy that is require it is only 1 hr but very powerful very odd that more didn’t take me up like I said very intimate and free~ Yahoo~

After writing this I am in a group with with Vilma from Peru 18 wonderful women one woman wants to come visit I don’t think they realize how tough it has been for those medicine people who are regarding respect and no ceremony or meeting in person with those folks we either hardly know or don’t have any relationship with it is actually very tough and sad but I still don’t feel comfortable even though I have had the vaccine till we are out of the woods with this awful pandemic. I am going to postpose my gathering on Beltane it is still to early to call for Sweat Lodge and group energy.

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