Full Moon & Equinox

So we are moving into Kurston, making Oct. the letting go or releasing of all that we need to as the leaves fall from the trees. Charlie Thom Red Hawk, one of my teachers from the Mount Shasta region, would say how powerful October is for that reason, not waiting until the New Year to start the process of releasing the old and starting the new. Fall is a great time to begin this process:  beginning the New Now and moving through what doesn’t work, what we want to create, then leaving the rest up to spirit.

Just this past week I received two offers – on the very same day — to go to Atlanta and Illinois to do some healing work with groups. All I know is to say yes to the future with gratitude, with no need to figure out the how for now. It seems that Spirit is guiding me towards new growth, even as I remember the old. I’ll be heading out towards new speaking engagements in October, first up is a return to the New Renaissance Bookshop in Portland on October 6 and then to the Conscious Living Fair in Ashland, Oregon on October 27. I hope to see you at either or both events, and in the meantime, I’d like to offer you a free coaching session with me to see if I can be of support to you in these chaotic times!

I do want to talk about the strange energy that has been upon us this year, really chaotic crazy unbelievable scenario odd to say the least. If you have followed astrology, then you may know that we are experiencing energies none of us have ever felt before the 1930s. So our journey has been more inward, figuring what in the heck is my next move: do I quit my job, go on a trip, get a new relationship or release the people in our life who are no longer supporting my growth? Plus we are really beginning to see the obvious negativity that exists in our world today, and we are experiencing the limitations placed on us based on social programming and expectations. My coaching aims to liberate you from what is holding you back, to recognize that we are all doing the best we can, to let go of suffering and to even have fun and enjoy life! I will coach you to be clear of addictions, to be clear and present, to feel deeply and to rise into the new energies that are pouring into the planet, NOW!

One of my long-term clients has moved from Mount Shasta to the Sacred Valley of Peru. We conference together almost weekly, sharing from two of the planet’s major power centers. She shared recently one of her experiences around an initiation into the Munay-Ki, where a Shaman used his mesa, filled with power rocks, to tap her on the head. We laughed together as she conveyed how she had to call on her ancestors to get through the rock pounding. This reminded me of the many shamanic practices that I have studied over the years, and inspired me to go to one of my favorite power spots to collect rocks and later bay leaves from a nature trail where I take my clients for walks. I’ll be bringing these tools with me to my talks in Oregon, and I can offer you healing in nature, fire ceremonies, vision quests and many other initiations to support you on your healing journey.

I want to offer my coaching for the next six-months as we go through this radical energy shift and questions about the directions in which we are headed. I can offer a free session with you to determine if we want to work together and if you feel a good connection with me. We can establish a regular coaching session of 50 minutes 2-3 times a month with texting support in between our sessions, which can be done over the phone or through videoconference. I can also establish a weekly 30-40 minute call with you if there are some urgent issues that you need to address more immediately. For many of my long-term clients, once we break through some old barriers and complete on goals, then we Keep It Moving by establishing new goals. Now is the perfect time to harvest your life in 2018, release the old, and begin to create new goals. Let me know when we can have our first free session.


With Autumn Blessings,

Linda M. Held

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