Wow after the Election of 2016

Oh my since I last wrote so much has happened. I had great plans for Kusrutam, starting with recommitting to my Big Shift Coaching 2016-2017 material, going to Hawaii, run each am before sunrise 4 miles, develop a Webinar, on and on……but I bought a new bike from our local 5th Season got the message to walk it home but didn’t follow it, rode my new red bike proceeded to get off flew in the air landing on my waist hearing or feeling crunch crunch. My friend saw me in her rear view mirror ran over to get me up saying are you ok? My answer, ” I don’t know!” Hobbled up right in front of my house put my bike on the side of my house. Came in feeling what I later found is nerve pain. Well that afternoon I did go to my Doctor, I told her of my high tolerance for pain, but in the back of my mind is Hawaii all my dynamic plans so go get it fixed so I could proceed with my plans. Nothing much happened came home one week later I went back now she decided for Xray before I got home an apology making arrangements for MRI meeting the Orthopedic Doc the next day. I couldn’t sit only lay……now it was starting to be apparent no Hawaii, if I couldn’t sit how could I drive to the bay area then board a plane for another 5 hrs, darn it darn it. The great news was no surgery I asked how long I again hoping saying a week, he laughed good try, 6-8 weeks. As I write this I am on my 5 th week finally being able to put it all together. I wrote my Bill Baren Coaching group saying I didn’t know what is happening, but the real joy was talking to my clients being able to completely focus absolutely no distractions plus by being isolated I was feeling so psychically  clear.  What was more difficult was giving up my to do list finally after a couple weeks I realized I needed to keep it simple. I am not a complainer so most people didn’t know how out of commission I really am, only those who have an understanding of anatomy. What I was told my L3 burst on my fall, just re-coup. I really had trouble telling that I can only do a limited amount without a long story, but finally I was able to achieve the necessary healing modal. So giving up my trip and my beautiful to do list I was very excited to move into all of it but God is in charge so I had to revamp myself. My friend did a reading for me which was so beautiful  Chrissie Ishida Reynolds I wish I had recorded it but she told me this was my time to go within, not work so hard wait to see what the Divine brings me! I was so touched tears rolling down my face. Then here we had this elections with all the crazy energy the excitement having our first Woman President listening to people who don’t like her, but not knowing her biography or true honest history, knowing gosh by her age we all have done things we aren’t proud of or things would would honor as mistakes. I have been very clear about the medicine wheel my spot in the north in the medicine wheel seeing myself at the West (40ish years) how I was blaming, arrogant, driven but now being in the North the Wisdom Keeper White Buffalo realizing that I don’t really have the control and drive to make things happen when spirit jumps in saying nope not now. So I finally rolled with it, still doing minimal what is necessary for my coaching plus my friend being my Accountability Coach so we check in each week what we are achieving, she telling me too to take it easy. I also had my meds something I am not use to but got a rhythm down with them just to function. I know this is a long story but honestly it is my story up surrendering to the divine still very much in it.  Finally coming around that corner, one weekend doing all my haircuts for my clients actually enjoying being some what normal. My fire-keeper Steve Chase came over gave him a haircut, had our regular chat……..not thinking much about it. However in few days later I got a call from a woman asking me if I am Steve Chase’s friend Linda, of course. He had a massive stroke being taken down to Mercy in Redding pretty much in a coma with brain bleed. He has 3 women friend Carly, Virgina and me(no family).  The next day they were getting a team together from the Forest Service Carly as the reference if anything happened making the decision to take him off life support because he body was in such bad shape. It was very sad knowing his life is through just like that but it took him days to depart. That was just 4 days ago, then this very weird election energy, I listen to Leo King he did forecast a while ago Trump would win but who could imagine it would be such a land slide…..watching Hilary do her acceptance speech a real class one, how can people dislike her so much?  We are now just a couple days over acceptance of the new reality once again. I am going to proceed with a promotion for clients through the end of this month but not just quite there yet please if you want a free consultation please email me, like I said I am in a very powerful psychic reality for all this that has happened. I will miss Steve Chase, if you want to see pictures please go to my Linda M Held FB there are recent pictures of him plus a tribute to our friendship!

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