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Full Moon/Summer Solstice

I did a Sweat Lodge for my gal pals from 10 yrs ago at Mt Madonna taking Terry my friend to build a lodge for 25 + women when Sierra Bootcamp for Goddesses. It was an amazing time and here we are in my yard doing lodge. It has been a time, still working it for Vision Quest Aug.28- Sept 4,2016 I have never advertised so much.  I have been having wonderful coaching clients powerful time being in Bill Baren’s Big Shift program also revealing and very supportive.  After this year with Mom’s weird illnesses, she ran the 2 round with power and clarity at 87 that is really something if I wrote all that has gone on with her it is truly a miracle.  Also, my Soul Sister’s Writing group meeting each Saturday since Sept. 2015 really Transformational work beside our writing, being pushed into new horizons too. Not a whole lot is comfortable pushing through my North of the Medicine Wheel, the place of Wisdom Keeper, White Buffalo, taking that to heart that I have much to share this late in the game of life. Today I am challenged in figuring out if I do another zoom meeting this Friday or is it too late or just sending emails around? Last week I had the reemergence of colitis which is something that rarely happens but I think it was my way of having to take it easy for a couple days so I got off my game in the being productive. Also,ls that were here have been part of my groups years ago that we made Vision Boards taught it for maybe 15+ years since I started with Catherine Ponder which is dating me. So we are in the repeat era of many things very exciting. Plus getting back into my groups which I had 4 Artist Way groups going that included journaling, Vision Boards, walks, cooking all the fun stuff plus getting the support of group to manifest many things, houses, cars, dates, relationships, and more……….I am back let’s make miracles!

Also prayed for all the people in Orlando sending prayers in Sweat lodge!