Summer is here!

Today going to Big Shift Coaching Program in bay area, had my first coaching experience yesterday with Susan…..Also preparing for Quest (Aug.28-Sept 4) ramping up to get more enrollment I am hoping that this coaching will help me get more out there. I am having several Japanese groups for Sweat Lodge very exciting, they are so respectful plus don’t mind the heat. I have them sing their song from Japan too. So this summer is an eventful one! Plus after this retreat I am back hoping to get help re-building my lodge after Joel built it almost 3 yrs ago it is leaning and needing love and support. So the projects just don’t stop. My fire wood guy Kirk wants me to come help him cut many big rounds that he has wanted to cut up plus give me wood, such a blessing all Kirk asks for is prayers, I can do that. I made some new flower essence for this year 2016 Lily & Tigar Lily, plus Iris, yellow flower……with crystals, rose quartz… It is only July 13 moving along. My coaching is picking up which is great love my clients, such gifts, plus this year the gate to Panther isn’t open yet but I have had the good fortune to take my client up for a Shamanic walks going to lower Panther where we use to do Sweat Lodge with Karuk Charlie Thom with 100 people built that huge beautiful lodge saying prayers for all of it such awesome memories. It is great to take clients out in nature to let Mother Earth do it magic I just hold the energy and they pay me so fun!


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