New Now Moving Forward

Oh Gosh I wrote one and it disappeared let’s see if I can do better?? I just came back from the Big Shift Coaching Program in Burlingame at the Hilton the staff was amazing and kind. We had days of unraveling our preconceived ideas of our marketing message mine was always along the line of transitions, moving through it, getting out of hopeless on and on however Bill Baren & Susan Liddy had much better ideas but it took me a while to get on board with it. Mine is based on helping with finding some-one to love a happy thought and goal isn’t this a great way to address life with love. As I sat watching people process or ask questions I didn’t have any but certainly was part of this big process of wonderful people who are attempting to do the work they love and have a positive effect on the world we live in. Each coming with an opening of being authentic in all ways trusting with our group knowing there is not accident that we have gathering and in a process for a year of being together to make internal and external changes that will assist us in a big way. So spending awesome time with Rebecca Eli and having some real fun, then driving back to Mt Shasta to prepare for my other part of my life. Making a new lodge getting ready for my 3 groups from Japan, still up in the air about Vision Quest feeling the stars are not in alignment with me this year hoping that next year I can approach it with possibility of 2 Quest maybe it just isn’t the right something. This week a new lodge that is miraclist being made to support the New plus all the people I spend that quality time with prayers for them and our Coaches in manifesting great dreams. I have also had the great blessing of working with a client who we actually go up in the wilderness of great Mount Shasta do our session ending with a small ceremony what a great way to make money at what I love. So life is moving in a quite amazing busy fun way, thank you thank you thank you GREAT SPIRIT!