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Eclipse Full Moon January 31, 2018

So how has your year felt like it started? Do you feel yahoo another New beginning or what is this all about? I feel that way though I think it could be life changing it feels like a tight strangling girdle, like what the heck is going on? I still feel the main grounding focus is to attempt be happy no matter what crazy is rocking it………Let’s create a world of Ease, Fun(Joy), and Unstoppable determination to achieve our destiny. Like this video I had planned to send it around to clients but of course it wouldn’t download, except for on Facebook and here. I had several fraud problems to the point of closing accounts being hacked having the hackers call me Peter & Stella, only to find out the Security Company I have that I thought they work for didn’t. I definitely have a new beginning I had no plans to do calling various and changing payments methods of course I don’t have new checks or ATM yet…….So what is my point well this beginning of the year is very different then expected but we still have to keep our focus and clarity. Our teams are building our Shaman Spiritual Practice is growing, the woman’s movement, so much reminds me of the Vietnam march I did in San Francisco. Planning to do the Women’s march here in Mt Shasta after last year, so much more powerful many more men feeling something is being birthed it will survive better and stronger then ever.  Come be with me as a Spiritual Teacher Elder the time is NOW!

Creating Magic after Unbelievable Year

Ok that sounds interesting but we have gone through a huge purging from President, sexual assault, losing tax relief, medical is definitely in question, so what is the possibility of Magic. I have achieved some goals this last year that I wanted to do since 1998, one which is putting wood floors in, now a wood stove. However with the successes I feel there is so much more to do and needs to happen. I did The Best of Mount Shasta, Mom had a big gash on her leg that is just now getting healed a crazy time, going to Dr. So me being driven to accomplish my Launch,  write, LinkedIn and go to New Renaissance book store has’t happened. I saw on FB where this fellow wrote 3 books this year and has plans to do the same in 2018. Those of us who just can’t get it going with the way of our  astrology, Carol who did my chart on my birthday told me not to expect much till about now, asking her why it isn’t moving? So now I am hoping that since Saturn is going out after 28 years of being there. I can get into my gratitude and focus for my role in my own destiny.  When I work with my clients what people don’t understand is the importance of our mutual trust and intimacy to achieve goals…… laughter taking it lightly and let’s have some fun as you achieve your goals.  So much for me to achieve not only from now on, but for the next 10 yrs. time is of the essence. I also am interested in talking about the “Medicine Wheel” since I am in the North Wisdom Keeper White Buffalo I see life differently then I did when I was in the West Bear and Raven Medicine, where you are driven in many ways. As I look back I could have focused my time is such different ways but there we feel so driven knowing we are right, plus fairly addicted to our suffering, not realizing the healing is happening to focus on how effective we can be now that we understand why we choose that form of learning. I know I got the Oscar for that that even after starting in Native it drew more out of me with the heat and being in nature, but the problem is letting it go, to do the real deal new beginning once we are experiencing the death of sorts. Fascinating stuff then bringing it into present day how to achieve goals and move for understanding that our childhoods are what we came to work on and how we are here to help people with our compassion of ourselves plus innately feeling theirs. Really beautiful if we have the ability to see it for what it is. I think now I can but then I wanted to tell my story over and over, how about a new story? That is where we all are no no matter what our age this New time coming is important to change it up get the focus and determination necessary!  In answer to how do you and we create magic we have to be fully engaged in this life for again determination, focus, and taking our bodies with us. Your benefits can be more JOY, Laughter, and being honest with your progression in your divine part, it takes a more fulfilling life which is what we strive for while on earth, I can help you design that plan or create the dream that you stopped dreaming!

Autumn is here!

So this summer went by with a great Eclipse Aug. 21, 2017 one that was huge, we had a small group up at Sand Flat, drumming, praying, and singingI didn’t realize that we would see 90% of it but once I did I put the call out to drum and say prays our small group was amazing. The summer went by great first The Best of Mt Shasta, after my big birthday transition it was great, met great presenter’s, plus great people we just need more people coming to the event. My Mom carried my block of wood from my display here hit her leg took a huge section of skin off 20 stitches later darn after such a great weekend. It was a huge process, we went to Kona on Labor Day the next day after the flight her wound was oozing so we went to urgent care, they were very concerned, almost ended up in the hospital with IV’s but took oral medication that upset her stomach. I got up early ran each morning watching the sunrise so awesome feeling so blessed having a great condo. What was awesome I had 4 sessions sitting out on the porch, now feeling I love my clients and doing it this way. I felt it opened up more possibilities for me to do this more often. Also with Mom’s limitation made me slow down read a great book which being in Bill Baren’s Coaching Program reading all kinds of material letting my reading go or not reading as often as I like. We went to Hilo to visit our favorite Temple, eating amazing food, by then Mom was feeling better.

Coming back I am feeling more motivated to do more!

I had started making a commitment to get to workouts at 6 am with not only the attempt to workout but also to change my brain messages; I am too tired, it is too early, on & on. I have achieved that for 6 + months feeling great about it all plus really focusing on achieving more still standing a bit still with my web site just starting to change it, plus push toward doing a launch 6 week course on FB but doing it conference call or zoom modality. I asked the friend astrologist Carol when she had done a reading for me contacting her when we got back asking why I am not moving forward more she said that it isn’t time yet. Astrology will move more by the end of the year, however that doesn’t ease my conscious or my coach wanting me to move.

So now I am definitely looking forward to those changes anxious, today I have confirmation from favorite clients that were here for a session and fire ceremony, plus my other client’s birthday writing all her has achieved, then having a friend say she wants to do Quest this year, plus has a friend who also wants to do it. I want to do 4 people that seems possibly 3 already, yahoo, great day!

My Marketing Message:  I work with professionals who are stuck and unfulfilled after focusing on their careers/business’s. I help them with having fulfilling relationships, creating a life that turns them on, big Vision creating life changes that creates a dynamic life.

Spring has sprung/New Moon in Taurus

Sweat Lodge Ceremony
OUr friends from Japan

“I coach executives/professionals that are frustrated in their relationships after years of building their careers/businesses. I help them create relationships that feed them.” I have been in this Bill Baren Coaching program coming up on a year, plus re-committing to continue. I have met great people team coaching, all the people I relate to are top notch. I would not meet them here in Mt Shasta even when we had our store, because few people would have the depth to share their coaching experiences. So many wonderful ones each with a bit different support. So why I am writing this? I am sharing it because it is important to continue to grow get out of our comfort zone. My fellow coach Rebecca Elias was going to be one of the speaker in the all star program more advanced then myself, she asked if I was coming to San Jose to the Hilton, at first I said, “no” within a few minutes I got the strong message “Yes”. I am glad I did for many reasons, plus showing to myself my own determination at this age to be around the people that inspire me. It is a challenge to show up. I have learned through the years of doing all this spiritual work I do follow directions from inner guidance, Angels, dreams or however it comes. This is one of the definite commands that separate people following those orders even if they are inconvenient or challenging. I too am having 4 groups this summer for Sweat Lodge 3 from Japan and another from Washington DC Jonia Mt Shasta Universary. I also did a enrollment conversation with a promoter of these Japanese folks, explaining that I have even done sessions not exactly coaching more spiritual reading for folks that don’t speak English, taping with their phone so they can have an interpetor tell them what I am saying. It is really beautiful, now taking it to a more consistent coaching would be fabulous, or even traveling to Japan to do a teaching would be the cats meow. I also at the same time sent some of my flower essence to a woman in Japan that opened a store front, trying mine before deciding if she will carrying them in her store which is great too. So I am moving forward probably not with as much drive as I would like but know in time I will be birthed into something very new. I have also been cleaning out after reading “the life- changing magic of tidying up”the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing”, by Marie Kondo.  So in my birthing process I am cleaning out 3 different life times; one of being married to a dentist, being a single parent with a beauty business, being a empty nester with an Herbal, Supplement, gift store…… being that spiritual leader coach, birthing the new with opening to intimate Vision Questers, Women’s gathering, VIP times with individuals who are ready for rapid intimate change…….any of these are not for the weak of heart. What pushed away people or sabotages them to really understand the level of trust and intimacy that is important to move forward in any of these modalities. The results people get from my coaching is inner peace, knowing that this life is an adventure, plus a great sense of empowerment being stronger and just having more fun in intimate relationships.  ( that is a great success for my clients) This year I feel is a grand shift for each of us, but I can’t tell you what that means today…… will be revealed as we are ready! What I was asked to write about in my next blog explaining Shamanic holding the energy for clients so they feel safe enough for? I will do that!

Full Moon in Cancer

I guess big change is in the air, but what does that mean? We are all curious about that knowing we have to get more involved, in what? My coaching is going great loved working with 10 people through the Holiday Season free New Years Sessions now realizing that they are my greatest advocates for new clients. Today I was having my own coaching with Susan Liddy she said,” what if it that easy just drawing clients that come to me with expectancy of doing the work, even if it is tough.” This is the first time I really am getting some people truly are not my clients, needing to either just let them go or direct them to what would work for them. Pretty fascinating I also read a book suggested by another great coach ” The Big Leap” how we have a ceiling of our own limitation by either getting sick, sabotaging ourselves or like me have an accident. I felt it was a big push to take care of myself but now as I examine after reading this book there is a great possibility that I was experiencing great success plus planning to go to Kona working on my book, webinar, plus run before dawn, jumping off the diving board in a bigger way of moving forward but after my fall………nope really fascinating what I did even though I possibly needed rest or couldn’t sit barely do anything for a few weeks. I never really had back pain more like nerve pain, plus shooting pains in my knees, plus swelling in odd places so  I did this to myself assuming  I did a good one….couldn’t sit in a car or air plane……plus everything was paid for other then spending money, geese I want to break this ceiling not working I need to understand I deserve success and so do my clients getting the best, being a person of service for a very long time. What I realized for myself some of my greatest talents I have stopped doing for myself, journey into my future self, my counsel with the aspects of myself conference room, plus put my writing on hold finding it was too exposing even though I am using Selena Saunders story. Also chatting with clients about the words they want to use for the coming year was thought provoking. I also after a few weeks my fire-keeper Steve Chase passed, I had cut his hair, then days later he has a massive stroke. It was an odd time but he wasn’t happy in his life and decided not to do necessary things to be in better health, high blood pressure, plus knew he had a heart problem Doctors wanted his to do a stress test but refused now he with the Angels. As part of all this transition moving into the New Year with idea of New President, plus so many weird challenges but keeping our focus to help and be of service as much as we can this whole process is a huge shift and me reading, being still, and process with my clients is such a blessing. I want you to know if you are my clients or have been I greatly appreciate the trust you have put with me. I also want you to know your life matters to me! Even when people pass that is one of the great parts they come to visit to want to know that their life mattered even if they have left this physical life and moving on!  By the way I am a Cancer so this Moon means lots to me in this New beginnings!

Getting into Xmas Changes!

I am getting through this loss of my fire-keeper seeing the importance of getting our affairs in order which Steve Chase did not. He has this woman Karly who is his main person along with the the DA from Siskiyou County which takes all his mail, plus till thing move he can’t be cremated till the bill is paid. He was so careful with finances now it is more complicated then one would expect. He was in anger about so many things plus really wanting to move on, now he is but feeling him being in turmoil because of him not handle necessary responsibility to his own affairs. Now once he is cremated the ashes will be put in his favorite places however that too is hold due to the weather in Dec. I guess there maybe a memorial around his birthday in Feb. 2 we will see people have been asking about it.


I have been recovering from my fall however what made it difficult I was unable to do the things with my Bill Baren Coaching program I needed to once again I am getting going. I had a session with my coach creating a new PMM message relating better to my current clients.” I work with executives who are frustrated and unfulfilled in their relationships after years of building their career. I help them create relationships that fee them and enjoy more fulfillment in their life.” I had sent Celebration Cards offering a free session for current plus previous clients, moving forward with my support it was a great idea from my coaching training plus being around dynamic people who are intelligent plus working to assist in the changes of this life. I often feel I have more to do that is why I joined this group plus in a womans group Psyche Salon to get the support with the changes that are upon us. I feel I am very qualified to support people because of my own life experience plus my driven spirituality that started in my 20’s. I often hear people share how advanced they are because they took a current training so my question is how long is this advanced training they say various times, which often is what I would call a newbie not to insult them, because I also realized that when come souls awake they are old souls bringing their gifts into these time. The jury is still out for examination I worked with a woman who had explored so many modalities this summer, listening to her journey and the crap that people sold her awakened me in giggles, please examine who you work with. In this journey it is very intimate to trust your psychic or coach to move forward also needing support now more then ever. I need it too having those peers I can call for advice and support. I had another client that announced that he would no longer pay me we are now friends they way he announced it perplexed me I was so speechless, wanting to say why would you think we are close friends. I work intimately which is my style that has been present my whole life. I also know that when assuming that card being friend often I can’t do the best work for my clients, even though I care deeply being that cheer leader in your corner.  So knowing then our time is complete moving to my new clients which totally excites me in the journey drawing those who are willing, excited to make changes which is so fun and powerful. Feeling in transition with my new Marketing Message getting professionals that are ready for that shift in intimacy and fun in relationships!

I am also very excited with the shift that is occurring even though the elections, seems miss giving knowing we are being forced to make shifts in ways we hadn’t planned on it being this way. Now the challenge is where do I want to put my energy is the big question. Striving for peace and being productive in this life with what life we have left.  Saying this my fire-keeper Steve thought being gone he would not have to deal with this level of life but his transition has not been a walk in the park he has found out too. Just because we leave this dimension we are not done with our own responsibility even in heaven we still are having our work to do to progress.

Wow after the Election of 2016

Oh my since I last wrote so much has happened. I had great plans for Kusrutam, starting with recommitting to my Big Shift Coaching 2016-2017 material, going to Hawaii, run each am before sunrise 4 miles, develop a Webinar, on and on……but I bought a new bike from our local 5th Season got the message to walk it home but didn’t follow it, rode my new red bike proceeded to get off flew in the air landing on my waist hearing or feeling crunch crunch. My friend saw me in her rear view mirror ran over to get me up saying are you ok? My answer, ” I don’t know!” Hobbled up right in front of my house put my bike on the side of my house. Came in feeling what I later found is nerve pain. Well that afternoon I did go to my Doctor, I told her of my high tolerance for pain, but in the back of my mind is Hawaii all my dynamic plans so go get it fixed so I could proceed with my plans. Nothing much happened came home one week later I went back now she decided for Xray before I got home an apology making arrangements for MRI meeting the Orthopedic Doc the next day. I couldn’t sit only lay……now it was starting to be apparent no Hawaii, if I couldn’t sit how could I drive to the bay area then board a plane for another 5 hrs, darn it darn it. The great news was no surgery I asked how long I again hoping saying a week, he laughed good try, 6-8 weeks. As I write this I am on my 5 th week finally being able to put it all together. I wrote my Bill Baren Coaching group saying I didn’t know what is happening, but the real joy was talking to my clients being able to completely focus absolutely no distractions plus by being isolated I was feeling so psychically  clear.  What was more difficult was giving up my to do list finally after a couple weeks I realized I needed to keep it simple. I am not a complainer so most people didn’t know how out of commission I really am, only those who have an understanding of anatomy. What I was told my L3 burst on my fall, just re-coup. I really had trouble telling that I can only do a limited amount without a long story, but finally I was able to achieve the necessary healing modal. So giving up my trip and my beautiful to do list I was very excited to move into all of it but God is in charge so I had to revamp myself. My friend did a reading for me which was so beautiful  Chrissie Ishida Reynolds I wish I had recorded it but she told me this was my time to go within, not work so hard wait to see what the Divine brings me! I was so touched tears rolling down my face. Then here we had this elections with all the crazy energy the excitement having our first Woman President listening to people who don’t like her, but not knowing her biography or true honest history, knowing gosh by her age we all have done things we aren’t proud of or things would would honor as mistakes. I have been very clear about the medicine wheel my spot in the north in the medicine wheel seeing myself at the West (40ish years) how I was blaming, arrogant, driven but now being in the North the Wisdom Keeper White Buffalo realizing that I don’t really have the control and drive to make things happen when spirit jumps in saying nope not now. So I finally rolled with it, still doing minimal what is necessary for my coaching plus my friend being my Accountability Coach so we check in each week what we are achieving, she telling me too to take it easy. I also had my meds something I am not use to but got a rhythm down with them just to function. I know this is a long story but honestly it is my story up surrendering to the divine still very much in it.  Finally coming around that corner, one weekend doing all my haircuts for my clients actually enjoying being some what normal. My fire-keeper Steve Chase came over gave him a haircut, had our regular chat……..not thinking much about it. However in few days later I got a call from a woman asking me if I am Steve Chase’s friend Linda, of course. He had a massive stroke being taken down to Mercy in Redding pretty much in a coma with brain bleed. He has 3 women friend Carly, Virgina and me(no family).  The next day they were getting a team together from the Forest Service Carly as the reference if anything happened making the decision to take him off life support because he body was in such bad shape. It was very sad knowing his life is through just like that but it took him days to depart. That was just 4 days ago, then this very weird election energy, I listen to Leo King he did forecast a while ago Trump would win but who could imagine it would be such a land slide…..watching Hilary do her acceptance speech a real class one, how can people dislike her so much?  We are now just a couple days over acceptance of the new reality once again. I am going to proceed with a promotion for clients through the end of this month but not just quite there yet please if you want a free consultation please email me, like I said I am in a very powerful psychic reality for all this that has happened. I will miss Steve Chase, if you want to see pictures please go to my Linda M Held FB there are recent pictures of him plus a tribute to our friendship!

Moving into Kusrutam the month of October!

So almost 20 yrs ago is the first I heard of the importance of this, a powerful time. I usually find to be in gratitude about all that has happened in 2016, addressing even those things that haven’t been as powerful or things that didn’t work out.  It is important to be realistic and honest which helps in the manifesting process for the coming year not to re-do those things that weren’t in our best interest. Then the next part is putting down medicine(sage, flowers, candles, ceremony) what is it that you want to create for 2017. I will be doing a family & friend Sweat Lodge taking all this into prayers. I have a wonderful core group that we can be really honest and sincere about our progress in this spiritual world. I have been doing my work since 1975 so I have experienced the twists and turns of the challenges of our being responsible for our continued growth. Yes it is never done including being on the other side heaven does exists however we still have more to do. Being a medium since I was 13 when my girlfriend Jeannie Stone came to me after her passing, from leukemia. I didn’t tell anyone about it till I was 45 because in the old days I would have been on medication if i told how spirits or angels talked to me. So once I started working with people on a more intimate level I feel in deep gratitude. Eve Crane who was on KEST radio wanted me to have my own show, what she appreciated about me was how accessible I am, that has been a gift to my clients. However this week I have had a weird one 3 different clients/friends informed me either they are annoyed thinking we are friends not client, another has now graduated to friend is no longer doing session we have the impasse by his standard we are friends so he no-longer needs to pay me. He want to call at his convenience to chat. I also talked to a client that made major changes a rather long phone call wanting to approach let’s do more however with the we are friends card out I felt how inappropriate it would be to address it. I obviously don’t set strong enough boundary’s to let people know this friendly attitude is still coaching/spiritual advising even though my style is friendly. It actually makes me very sad that I take these folks into my inner world of spirit they disregard how intimate and deep this is for me. I offer ceremony to those that may-not be included in ritual, so my Kusrutam will include this miscommunication, Charlie Thom told me once with my prayers it might do well to live in the forest and do prayers that way. However that is not my Divine destiny being or getting out more is the other part of Kusrutam is now happening not knowing yet what that means. In my sessions my teacher clients know they are rising to new heights needing to jump off the diving board into the New however not have a clear definition of what that is yet…… prayers will go into the unknown.

Gratitude for the summer of 2016

I finally got my newsletter out, with all the great activities that happened this summer, yahoo for me and everyone. I also am in Bill Baren’s coaching program since June 1 which has helped me get more focused making my sessions better clearer and more direct. It has been a wonderful process meeting so many wonderful people who are driven to not only do their work but make a huge difference in so many powerful areas. I feel lucky to be a part of the change on the planet. I also started working on my book since taking Christine Kloser Transformation Author Experience with some other great people that has taken a back set through the summer but will get back to it. I definitely want to write a Ebook about Vision Quest there are no resent books out there about so many ways to achieve awesome results if you don’t want to sit out in nature. I am excited about this fall. In October there is a native term called Kstudum (spelling not sure) but I am doing a family Sweat Lodge for the completion of 2016 in gratitude, plus putting down prayer medicine for the coming year 2017. This year many changes the great news is Mom/Lillian Grace was able to run the second round in the lodge last year after her many surgery’s, staph infections wasn’t well enough to do so.  I also am looking forward to the fall equinox with letting go of even more but creating a better clarity of what works. I am also offering free consultations in limiting numbers due to the program I am in to get the flow of new clients/referrals to make a bigger difference in people lives. Sunday I got together with Andree Morgana “Best of Mt. Shasta” to start preparing for next years( July 21-23, 2017) event with some great presenters and advertising people. We each did a short 5 minute video explaining about our relationship with Mt Shasta, the work we do and how we can move forward offering retreats, VIP days through the year. I love doing that VIP having people come plan a unique day or days designed for you stay at the Dream Inn, play and move forward, then do follow-ups on conference line or zoom to continue our intimate work together. I am really hoping you take me up on snow shoeing it is really fun but also a spiritual experience being out in the white forest with Spirit………

Full Moon/Eclipse

So just a quick check in my web designer Susanne Scull and I are going to get together next week to make some changes plus for me to learn how to add photo’s to this always new processes for me to learn but a great time for media & communication. I post phoned my Vision Quest then a miracle happened my guy Rey still wanted to do it but shorten it. He is coming up designing it just for him, plus his friend was going to come I was going to take her out to Ney Springs for another type of ceremony while he is out praying. It gave me a great idea of doing such advertising for couples or friends who would like to move deeper into their relationship while doing this type of nature exploration. My Marketing message for the Bill Baren Coaching Big Shift I am in with some amazing people, in the gathering rather then using my message of hopeless people moving into transition to happy productive lives, which I still guide people through all kinds of transitions which I love I now am opening to “I work with people who are frustrated and alone, I help them create a fun passionate relationship with some-one they can love. ” So I have thrown this around with clients they get all excited at the possibility of opening once more for the magic and joy of a happy relationship. It has been a fun process for me plus practicing using the message.  Clients finding new hope that your significant other is out there and discover how to find them, I give support in your dreams, it isn’t too late for manifestation.

Last week I had Keiko’s Ana Gucci’s Japanese group for Sweat Lodge once again it was amazing even though the weather was 93 degrees but coming out of the lodge it still is cooler then inside. My fire-keeper is amazing in great gratitude for Steve Chase taking good care in everything he does, Bennie’s amazing healing energy helping, of course Lillian Grace (Mom) leading the second round very powerful our elder at 87 to guide 15 people into their prayers and healing. It is a private group I am not open to the public keeping the groups safety and privacy in check, it is a great responsibility plus a heck of a lot of work for prep and finishing up that most people don’t know or understand. For me it is serious honorable ceremony not a hoe down so I maintain the right to refuse anyone. A Ho! Thank you Keiko till next year!