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Gratitude for the summer of 2016

I finally got my newsletter out, with all the great activities that happened this summer, yahoo for me and everyone. I also am in Bill Baren’s coaching program since June 1 which has helped me get more focused making my sessions better clearer and more direct. It has been a wonderful process meeting so many wonderful people who are driven to not only do their work but make a huge difference in so many powerful areas. I feel lucky to be a part of the change on the planet. I also started working on my book since taking Christine Kloser Transformation Author Experience with some other great people that has taken a back set through the summer but will get back to it. I definitely want to write a Ebook about Vision Quest there are no resent books out there about so many ways to achieve awesome results if you don’t want to sit out in nature. I am excited about this fall. In October there is a native term called Kstudum (spelling not sure) but I am doing a family Sweat Lodge for the completion of 2016 in gratitude, plus putting down prayer medicine for the coming year 2017. This year many changes the great news is Mom/Lillian Grace was able to run the second round in the lodge last year after her many surgery’s, staph infections wasn’t well enough to do so.  I also am looking forward to the fall equinox with letting go of even more but creating a better clarity of what works. I am also offering free consultations in limiting numbers due to the program I am in to get the flow of new clients/referrals to make a bigger difference in people lives. Sunday I got together with Andree Morgana “Best of Mt. Shasta” to start preparing for next years( July 21-23, 2017) event with some great presenters and advertising people. We each did a short 5 minute video explaining about our relationship with Mt Shasta, the work we do and how we can move forward offering retreats, VIP days through the year. I love doing that VIP having people come plan a unique day or days designed for you stay at the Dream Inn, play and move forward, then do follow-ups on conference line or zoom to continue our intimate work together. I am really hoping you take me up on snow shoeing it is really fun but also a spiritual experience being out in the white forest with Spirit………

Full Moon/Eclipse

So just a quick check in my web designer Susanne Scull and I are going to get together next week to make some changes plus for me to learn how to add photo’s to this always new processes for me to learn but a great time for media & communication. I post phoned my Vision Quest then a miracle happened my guy Rey still wanted to do it but shorten it. He is coming up designing it just for him, plus his friend was going to come I was going to take her out to Ney Springs for another type of ceremony while he is out praying. It gave me a great idea of doing such advertising for couples or friends who would like to move deeper into their relationship while doing this type of nature exploration. My Marketing message for the Bill Baren Coaching Big Shift I am in with some amazing people, in the gathering rather then using my message of hopeless people moving into transition to happy productive lives, which I still guide people through all kinds of transitions which I love I now am opening to “I work with people who are frustrated and alone, I help them create a fun passionate relationship with some-one they can love. ” So I have thrown this around with clients they get all excited at the possibility of opening once more for the magic and joy of a happy relationship. It has been a fun process for me plus practicing using the message.  Clients finding new hope that your significant other is out there and discover how to find them, I give support in your dreams, it isn’t too late for manifestation.

Last week I had Keiko’s Ana Gucci’s Japanese group for Sweat Lodge once again it was amazing even though the weather was 93 degrees but coming out of the lodge it still is cooler then inside. My fire-keeper is amazing in great gratitude for Steve Chase taking good care in everything he does, Bennie’s amazing healing energy helping, of course Lillian Grace (Mom) leading the second round very powerful our elder at 87 to guide 15 people into their prayers and healing. It is a private group I am not open to the public keeping the groups safety and privacy in check, it is a great responsibility plus a heck of a lot of work for prep and finishing up that most people don’t know or understand. For me it is serious honorable ceremony not a hoe down so I maintain the right to refuse anyone. A Ho! Thank you Keiko till next year!

New Now Moving Forward

Oh Gosh I wrote one and it disappeared let’s see if I can do better?? I just came back from the Big Shift Coaching Program in Burlingame at the Hilton the staff was amazing and kind. We had days of unraveling our preconceived ideas of our marketing message mine was always along the line of transitions, moving through it, getting out of hopeless on and on however Bill Baren & Susan Liddy had much better ideas but it took me a while to get on board with it. Mine is based on helping with finding some-one to love a happy thought and goal isn’t this a great way to address life with love. As I sat watching people process or ask questions I didn’t have any but certainly was part of this big process of wonderful people who are attempting to do the work they love and have a positive effect on the world we live in. Each coming with an opening of being authentic in all ways trusting with our group knowing there is not accident that we have gathering and in a process for a year of being together to make internal and external changes that will assist us in a big way. So spending awesome time with Rebecca Eli and having some real fun, then driving back to Mt Shasta to prepare for my other part of my life. Making a new lodge getting ready for my 3 groups from Japan, still up in the air about Vision Quest feeling the stars are not in alignment with me this year hoping that next year I can approach it with possibility of 2 Quest maybe it just isn’t the right something. This week a new lodge that is miraclist being made to support the New plus all the people I spend that quality time with prayers for them and our Coaches in manifesting great dreams. I have also had the great blessing of working with a client who we actually go up in the wilderness of great Mount Shasta do our session ending with a small ceremony what a great way to make money at what I love. So life is moving in a quite amazing busy fun way, thank you thank you thank you GREAT SPIRIT!

Summer is here!

Today going to Big Shift Coaching Program in bay area, had my first coaching experience yesterday with Susan…..Also preparing for Quest (Aug.28-Sept 4) ramping up to get more enrollment I am hoping that this coaching will help me get more out there. I am having several Japanese groups for Sweat Lodge very exciting, they are so respectful plus don’t mind the heat. I have them sing their song from Japan too. So this summer is an eventful one! Plus after this retreat I am back hoping to get help re-building my lodge after Joel built it almost 3 yrs ago it is leaning and needing love and support. So the projects just don’t stop. My fire wood guy Kirk wants me to come help him cut many big rounds that he has wanted to cut up plus give me wood, such a blessing all Kirk asks for is prayers, I can do that. I made some new flower essence for this year 2016 Lily & Tigar Lily, plus Iris, yellow flower……with crystals, rose quartz… It is only July 13 moving along. My coaching is picking up which is great love my clients, such gifts, plus this year the gate to Panther isn’t open yet but I have had the good fortune to take my client up for a Shamanic walks going to lower Panther where we use to do Sweat Lodge with Karuk Charlie Thom with 100 people built that huge beautiful lodge saying prayers for all of it such awesome memories. It is great to take clients out in nature to let Mother Earth do it magic I just hold the energy and they pay me so fun!


Full Moon/Summer Solstice

I did a Sweat Lodge for my gal pals from 10 yrs ago at Mt Madonna taking Terry my friend to build a lodge for 25 + women when Sierra Bootcamp for Goddesses. It was an amazing time and here we are in my yard doing lodge. It has been a time, still working it for Vision Quest Aug.28- Sept 4,2016 I have never advertised so much.  I have been having wonderful coaching clients powerful time being in Bill Baren’s Big Shift program also revealing and very supportive.  After this year with Mom’s weird illnesses, she ran the 2 round with power and clarity at 87 that is really something if I wrote all that has gone on with her it is truly a miracle.  Also, my Soul Sister’s Writing group meeting each Saturday since Sept. 2015 really Transformational work beside our writing, being pushed into new horizons too. Not a whole lot is comfortable pushing through my North of the Medicine Wheel, the place of Wisdom Keeper, White Buffalo, taking that to heart that I have much to share this late in the game of life. Today I am challenged in figuring out if I do another zoom meeting this Friday or is it too late or just sending emails around? Last week I had the reemergence of colitis which is something that rarely happens but I think it was my way of having to take it easy for a couple days so I got off my game in the being productive. Also,ls that were here have been part of my groups years ago that we made Vision Boards taught it for maybe 15+ years since I started with Catherine Ponder which is dating me. So we are in the repeat era of many things very exciting. Plus getting back into my groups which I had 4 Artist Way groups going that included journaling, Vision Boards, walks, cooking all the fun stuff plus getting the support of group to manifest many things, houses, cars, dates, relationships, and more……….I am back let’s make miracles!

Also prayed for all the people in Orlando sending prayers in Sweat lodge!

Getting Ready for Summer Solstice!

I am excited to move forward it took a while I am posting my former blog which once we were closing the store I just lost the momentum I started it in 2007 saw many changes in my life. So since then I have reached out in different areas; after living in such a powerful place other then our people traveling through that I meet I found myself reaching out to new venues. I first signed up for many trainings, Tapping, TAE Christine Kloser online, Bill Baren Premier Packages, Elizabeth Pervis 7 Figure Goddess, stretching my horizons here in Mt Shasta. I went to The Big Shift Bill Baren in 2015 in March which was great later in the year I went to Tranformation Author Breakthrough in Baltimore which was amazing.  I had never been that area it was great met up with some women we started our Sister’s Writing on Zoom from that point on being a Transformation Group first starting out writing, each checking in about that then going off in a different September Baltimore which was amazing.  I had never been that area it was great met up with some women we started our Sister’s Writing on Zoom from that point on being a Transformational Group first starting out writing, each checking in about that then going off in a different transformational direction being more progressive to change which I have to say that part I love. I had not planned to go to The Big Shift 2016 last minute I felt the drive to go, I contacted Rebecca Eli who last year she and connected wrote her in message saying I knew I am suppose to go, she laughed said she felt the same. So we both went shared a room a huge push now I have joined his program along with Rebecca really excited to be part of this dynamic group. We have plenty of homework on business, marketing, and our market message. Plus this week really pushing to get my enrollment going with Vision Quest, being more progressive. I also sent our 91 emails 2 times to have zoom meetings now calling people who have done past Quest. So my question to you if anyone you know that is interested please contact me, it will be a dynamic powerful Quest!

Sunday doing a lodge with Moe and Annie along with others, praying for this current sad situation in Orlando, plus all of you, let’s make it a more loving year! Blessings, Linda

I’m Baaaack!

Building a Sweat Lodge
Building a sweat lodge with Joel

I am going to start blogging. This is a few years ago just loving the idea of doing the Quest Again with a great staff, feeling so lucky to be with people in the medicine red road, grateful to be of service in this way. I am also thrilled being back at the camp always receiving a great welcome from Nature and Cedar & David the guardians of the place………more to come. I started preparing since Xmas but now we are rolling! Thank YOU,  Pauline for your help, as you know I need it! Gratitude for the 2 of you and all my spirit helpers!